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What’s Your Two Strike Approach?

Have you ever heard your coaches yell “two-strike approach” from the coaching box or dugout? What does that mean? Most of the time they are looking for their hitters to…

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Who Owns Your Swing?

Now that it is 2015, players all over the country are ramping up their offseason training in anticipation for the upcoming baseball season. I want to comment on a common…

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How to Fix NOT Seeing the Ball: The HeadRight HeadLight Drill

I’m going to tell you that when talking to Johnny Narron, Josh Hamilton’s personal hitting coach, he told me that he thinks the difference between the truly great hitters like Josh, A-Rod, ManRam, Bonds, Mays…the list goes on, from an all-star player was ‘two feet of vision’ during a pitched ball. Read more…

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