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Building Your Defensive Lineup

If you’ve ever written a lineup card for a baseball or softball team, this article is for you. This is designed to help you not only put your lineup together as…

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Finding and Maintaining Confidence as a Hitter

Confidence: A feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or reliance on one’s circumstances. Have you ever met a professional athlete at the highest level?  If you have, you’ve probably noticed…You’ve…

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How to Introduce the Rebel’s Rack Progression to Your Players

How the Rebel’s Rack Can Help Transform Your Training I recently purchased four Rebel’s Racks to include in my programming after watching the success of countless Baseball Rebellion Hitters over…

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Hitting Terms Every Coach Must Know

Do you know today’s most commonly used hitting terms? If not, this article will be extremely helpful for you. It’s important for moms, dads, coaches, and players to understand these…You’ve…

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Top 5 Worst Cues for Pitchers

Become a Better Coach by Changing What You Say to Your Pitchers I wanted to do this article to educate our youth coaches and parents about what cues are and…You’ve…

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Spinball Sports: Challenging Hitters with Velocity and Spin

What’s the best way to challenge hitters? Is it a facing a coach throwing BP? No. Front Toss? Not a chance. If you don’t have access to a having your…You’ve…

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5 Ways to Improve Team Practice

Do you think you run the perfect practice? Think again. How do we as coaches maximize our practice time effectively? The answer is preciseness and efficiency. Lay out what you…

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Mental Marker Series – Shoulder/Chest Rotation

JK Whited’s Mental Marker Series- Chest & Shoulder Rotation Have you ever wondered how much or how little your shoulders and chest should be rotated at contact?  Well, I’m here…You’ve…

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Learn How to Hip Hinge and Increase Your Power

Hip Hinge for Increased Power Get Informed If you want to hit for power mastering the “hip hinge” when hitting is a crucial part of getting your body primed to…

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Rebel’s Rack Results: More Exit Velocity and Distance in Only Two Lessons

Are You Paying for Hitting Lessons for Your Son or Daughter and Not Seeing the Results You Want? Check Out How Baseball Rebellion Uses a Movement Progression and Data to…

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Actual Velocity vs Perceived Velocity and How To Increase Both

Learn how adding more extension to your release point could help you gain more velocity on the mound as well as two drills you can do at home to help.

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Barrel Turn and Hand Pivot: Training The Best Upper Body Movement in Hitting

Learn how to properly turn the barrel in the swing to help achieve maximum bat speed and hard contact consistency to hit the ball harder and farther.

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