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Online Pitching Now Lessons Available!

Looking for online pitching instruction this off-season? Sign up today for online pitching lessons with BR Director of Pitching, Kyle Wormington.

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Top 4 Exercises to Generate Front Leg Power in Throwers

Guest contributor Nick Esposito shares his top 4 exercises to develop front leg power in throwers. Click to see his videos and read more!

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Pull Down Throws: The Purpose Behind Run and Guns

Check out three reasons why you should have your players doing pull down throws and how it can help increase their arm strength.

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Implementing and Executing Situational Batting Practice for Teams

Situational Batting Practice Learn from a nationally ranked NCAA Division-1 program on how they execute situational batting practice and the best ways to implement it into your practices. No matter…

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Group Training for Pitchers at Baseball Rebellion

Group Training at Baseball Rebellion- The Complete Pitching Package If you are looking to increase your velocity, dial-in your command, and sharpen your secondary pitches, we have a solution. Starting…

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5 Reasons Junior College Might Be Right For You

“I wanna play at LSU!” When I ask hitters that I am instructing where they would want to play in college 99% of the time it’s a top tier Division…

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How YOU Can Earn Playing Time

Playing Time is EARNED Baseball and softball players this article is for you.  Have you found yourself on the bench and out of the line-up but are having a hard…

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How to Structure your Bullpens – Intermediate Edition

If you think you’ve mastered the mechanics of pitching and you’re trying to decide what the next steps should be, look no further! Are you thinking of adding a new…

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How to Structure Your Bullpens – Beginner Edition

Whether a pitcher is attending weekly pitching lessons or monthly pitching lessons, what she does outside of her instruction times will ultimately determine how quickly she improves.  The instruction that…

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Increase Velocity With A Leg Kick

If you were going to throw a baseball as hard as you can from a mound, how would you move your body? Imagine it’s a 2-2 count, the opposing teams……

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How Your Child Can Earn More Playing Time

Youth Parents This Article is for YOU In my years as a Private instructor, travel ball coach and even as a player, “politics” in sports is something that is unavoidable. …

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College Recruiting Secret: Parental Conduct MATTERS!

The truth about college athletics is simple. The evaluation process doesn’t just occur on the field at camps and at games. These coaches are not just evaluating your player, they’re…

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