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The Best Offspeed Pitch for Youth Pitchers

Wondering if your son should throw a curveball in little league? Baseball Rebellion talks about the benefits of learning how to throw a changeup first.

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ROM Case Study #1: The Effects of 100 Pitches at Max effort on the Throwing Shoulder

This Case Study is the only study of its kind.  Enjoy.   Introduction Today is February 11th, 2015. In the last several years, we have seen the number of throwing…

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Set, Pre-Set, Move! A Simple Adjustment for Improved Accuracy and Velocity

One of the easiest tricks in the book to improve both accuracy and velocity simultaneously can be found in how you come “set” out of the stretch. The more I…

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Baseball Rebellion’s “Old School” Mechanics Make The NEWS!

The Old School pitching delivery may begin to flourish in Raleigh/Durham. Recently, Mandy Mitchell , a sports anchor with a local Fox affiliate WRAL, interviewed myself, Will, and Chas on the…

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What do 94% of HALL OF FAME pitchers have in common?

WOW 71 pitchers are currently in the Hall of Fame.  I managed to find an image or video of 54 of the 71 pitchers.  Of the 54, 51 pitchers (94%)…

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Pitching With Confidence: Visualize Your Success

The ability to perform is a talent in itself.  The best mechanics in the world can render useless without the mental capacity to allow the mechanics to happen in a…

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Baseball Rebellion Behind The Scenes: Justin’s Latest Bullpen

Today I was driving to work and I heard the song  “Miami” by Will Smith, and for some reason, it made me want to get on the mound and let…

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Baseball Rebellion Case Study: A young lefty’s remarkable improvement

Chas and I had a discussion recently regarding many of our students both in person and online.  Last week, Chas wrote about one of his younger students Henry and how…

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Learn How to SLIDE STEP and maintain power!

I’ve wanted to touch on this subject for quite some time now, and after another recent conversation with one of my students, I need to clarify how to properly execute…

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Bad Weather, No Mound, No Excuses: Find a Mirror and Practice Your Pitching Delivery.

Pitchers, I always know the student who has been practicing his delivery and the one who has not.  It’s impossible to fool me.  I can tell within the first 5…

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If you’re a pitcher born after the year 1980, you have grown up in the era of Modern Pitching Mechanics.   The birth of the modern delivery dates back to…

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Golf Legend Ben Hogan’s Lesson For Pitchers: Proper Sequence of Rotation

This article aims to demonstrate correct sequencing of lower body rotation (Merry Go Round) and upper body rotation (Ferris Wheel) into the  release of the baseball. When I was drafted,…

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