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Mental Maker Series- Swing Plane

JK Whited gives a drill that helps hitters who are hitting weak pop-ups and groundballs generate more power and more consistency

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4 Drills to Hit for More Power

The Best Drills to Hit for More Power, NOW! Medicine Ball Throws The Med Ball Throws are great to help develop a hitter’s rotational power. Hitters of all ages perform…

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Off-Center BP: What’s the purpose?

Are your hitters struggling pulling off the ball at the plate? Check out a few simple drills to help your hitters stay through the zone longer.

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Get More Extension in Your Swing with a Tool You Already Have

Looking for more extension in your swing? If you are rolling over too much here are a few simple drills to help you drive the ball more consistently.

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One Hand Bat Drills: The MAJOR Problem

Are you constantly doing one-hand hitting drills and seeing no results? Find out why you could be hurting your bat path from doing these drills.

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The Truth about the Wrists in the Swing: Hit For More Power NOW With Less Rollovers FOREVER

Note from the Author:  The top of this article is extremely dorky and filled with big words.  If you just want to skip ahead and learn how to train your forearms and…

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From Sidney to “Sid the Kid”: Youth Lessons and Skill Acquisition

Environment of Development At Baseball Rebellion we work with players of all ability levels.  Young novice softball and baseball players train right next to first round draft picks and other…

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3 Hitting Drills you MUST do this Preseason

1. Turn to Catch Are your hitters pulling there head out when swinging? TheTurn to Catch Drill will help! The Turn to Catch Drill helps hitters work on their head…

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Hitting Station Practice Plan

Hitting Practice Plan: Load & Rotation When it comes to hitting, we live in a world filled with mechanics and drills.  While there’s certainly a place for both of these,…

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Feeding the Mistake: Why Feeling a Mistake Allows a Player to Self-Correct

Feeding The Mistake The concept of “Feeding the mistake” is not a new one in physical therapy or weight lifting.  Most of the time, when an athlete repeats a movement…

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What Exactly Is The Rebel’s Rack?

One of my favorite movies of all time is an old golf movie, “Tin Cup”. In the movie, golf instructor Roy McAvoy is struggling to find his swing days before…

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What Makes A Great First Baseman? Perfect Your Footwork

Who’s On First? When I say First Basemen the first thing that comes to mind is a big power hitter who just has to catch the ball thrown to them….

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