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Online Hitting Lessons- Are They Right For You?

Online Hitting Lessons Online hitting lessons are something that is not new. For some people, however, the concept is tough to understand. There is one first question always asked. “Why…

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Drive the Ball to All Fields with a Simple Visual Aid

Power to All Fields Driving the ball to all fields is obviously a great skill for hitters to acquire. Many hitters struggle to drive the ball to the opposite field…

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Implementing and Executing Situational Batting Practice for Teams

Situational Batting Practice Learn from a nationally ranked NCAA Division-1 program on how they execute situational batting practice and the best ways to implement it into your practices. No matter…You’ve…

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Game Preparation: Be Ready, The Rebel’s Way

The Best Ways You Can Prepare for the Game Preparation is the key for any successful athlete. The fast-paced, “throw and go”, nature of youth baseball, these days, can put…You’ve…

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Timing the Upper Body Load with Your Stride

Create Better Timing by Creating More Rhythm Understanding False Separation Most hitters are trying to time their load and stride just by pushing their hands back. This is detrimental to…

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Mastering Head Position During the Swing: Head Pivot Drill

Head Movement in the Swing Hitting a moving ball is hard enough as it is without moving your eyes in the middle of the rotation! Many times, players have a…You’ve…

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JK Whited’s Pro-Concept: Height Change

How Christian Yelich’s Posture Helps Him See the Ball Better If you are a taller hitter who is struggling to hit the low pitches, learn how Yelich ‘sinks’ lower to…

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3 Blocking Drills for Catchers

Blocking Drills for Catchers Catching is a position that takes a special type of player. They have to have the toughness to withstand a physical toll greater than any other…You’ve…

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Staying Through the Ball: The Extension Drill

Is “Extension” Staying Through the Ball? Staying through the ball is extremely important for any hitter of any age. Many coaches talk about extension but we are going to show…You’ve…

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5 Drills for Better Upper Body Swing Mechanics

Creating Better Arm Position = Better Barrel Turn The upper body in the swing is very crucial. It is part of what’s holding and ultimately delivering the bat to contact….

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Bellinger vs. The Babe

Cody Bellinger vs. Babe Ruth What Do Cody Bellinger and Babe Ruth Have In Common? Cody Bellinger, MVP candidate of the Los Angeles Dodgers is having an incredible season.  In…You’ve…

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Group Training for Pitchers at Baseball Rebellion

Group Training at Baseball Rebellion- The Complete Pitching Package If you are looking to increase your velocity, dial-in your command, and sharpen your secondary pitches, we have a solution. Starting…

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