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Keep 4 Things in the Swing Deep, and Watch the Balls Fly!

Discover what having a “4 Deep” swing can do for fixing such a common hitting flaw as lunging. Use this simple drill to join the swing technique ranks of some of the greatest hitters in the game today like Jose Bautista, Manny Ramirez, Joe Mauer, and King Albert!

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WARNING!! Down & Through Hitting Mechanics EQUALS Down in the Lineup

It is often said that swinging “down and through” the ball generates backspin. Coaches for years have been telling hitters to hit the top of the ball to make the ball go farther. Another common queue from coaches is to ‘go the the ball’, or ‘hit it out front.’ These statements are false. They are myths, and they ruin hitters. Read more…

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Anchoring the Back Foot & Hip Thrust: Why YOUR Swing Won’t Succeed Without It

Lower Body Mechanics: The Foundation of the Swing

The lower body swings the bat. Many coaches under appreciate this fact. They teach hitting from the top down, emphasizing the hands, the hands, the hands…

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