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Important vs. Vital – Hitting

JK Whited Talks About What is Important vs. What is Vital When it Comes to the Swing By now you guys know me and have a pretty good handle on…

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From Sidney to “Sid the Kid”: Youth Lessons and Skill Acquisition

Environment of Development At Baseball Rebellion we work with players of all ability levels.  Young novice softball and baseball players train right next to first round draft picks and other…

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Hitting Station Practice Plan

Hitting Practice Plan: Load & Rotation When it comes to hitting, we live in a world filled with mechanics and drills.  While there’s certainly a place for both of these,…

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Developing Hitters with Blast Vision and Data: Part 1

Premium Contributor – Brandon Matthews Brandon Matthews is the current hitting coach at Paul D. Camp Community College in Franklin, Virginia. He has coached at many different levels of baseball including…

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The Angles Game

Why Launch Angle Isn’t the Only Angle in Baseball That Matters Over the years, Baseball Rebellion has been at the forefront of teaching players and coaches on the importance of…The…

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Feeding the Mistake: Why Feeling a Mistake Allows a Player to Self-Correct

Feeding The Mistake The concept of “Feeding the mistake” is not a new one in physical therapy or weight lifting.  Most of the time, when an athlete repeats a movement…

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Timing – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series

Timing The Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series In this episode of Baseball Rebellion’s Whiteboard Series, JK Whited talks about hitters timing in the batter’s box. The topics include: Common Timing Issues…

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Avoid These 5 Swing Clogging Moves

Avoid These 5 Swing Clogging Moves I often get my hitters to envision the flow of energy in their swings as water flowing through pipes.  If the pattern of a…

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The WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball or Softball EXPOSED!

Bad Drills EXPOSED!ENTER WITH CAUTION!   Many players are getting ready for tryouts at their high schools and some are doing ‘preseason’ workouts for their 12 and under travel teams….

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What can a Seesaw Teach us about Baseball Hitting Mechanics?

What Can a Seesaw Teach Us About Baseball Hitting Mechanics? Do you know how hard it is to find video of people using a seesaw in a normal way?  There’s…

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