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Infield Drill Progression For Your Team

Infield Drill Progression to Bring Energy and Execution to Your Next Practice   As a BR Premium member, you will be given access to drills and videos from the No. 4 Nationally Ranked UC Santa Barbara baseball team. In today’s article, Associate Head Coach Donegal Fergus talks about how the Gauchos use an infield progression…

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What to Look for in a Baseball or Softball Showcase

Premium Contributor – Andy Partin, CEO, Impact Baseball Andy Partin is the owner and founder of Impact Baseball, Inc. (est. 2001) and Dirtbags Baseball, LLC (est. 2002). Partin pioneered the…

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What Makes A Great First Baseman? Perfect Your Footwork

Who’s On First? When I say First Basemen the first thing that comes to mind is a big power hitter who just has to catch the ball thrown to them….

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Great Catcher = Great Routine!

At most team practices, there is little time set aside for catchers to work on their skills outside of catching bullpens. While bullpens are great opportunities to improve, a routine…

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Transfer Drills For All Positions

In this article, Baseball Rebellion gives away a few transfer drills to eliminate time and thought while throwing. These drills are meant to have the player use footwork to allow…

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Blocking Technique: Should Catchers Move Forward When They Block?

Blocking Technique: Should Catchers Move Forward When They Block? Blocking is an essential key to limiting the movement of baserunners and being a great catcher. While a large percentage of…

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Catchers, Arm Injuries, and Throwing Runners Out!

Catchers, Arm Injuries, and Throwing Runners Out! When most people talk about throwing injuries, pitchers are the main subject. This makes sense when considering that roughly 25 percent of Major League…

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