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Softball Players: Don’t Hit Like a Girl! Hit Like an Athlete!

JK Whited details how sometimes softball hitters are taught differently than baseball hitters…and why that’s SO wrong!

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Josh Horton Interview: Post Season Wrap Up

Josh headed back to Hillsborough after his season with his head held high.  After a beginning filled with uneven playing time, a cross country trade, and offensive struggle, Josh ended…

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Avoid “Jaeger’s PULLDOWN’S”. Gain Arm Speed without LONG TOSS

No long toss, no strength program, no game situation, just better mechanics. 92mph without ever throwing a ball past 60 feet. The best part of this article is you can…

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Twitter Conversation with MLB Pitcher Reveals…

My name is Chas Pippitt and I am the Leader of the Baseball Rebellion.  On on June 28th, I was sitting at my computer, and I happened to glance at my Twitter Feed.  I saw a picture of a Tommy John scar with the hashtag #ChicksDigScars Initially, I was disturbed by the gruesome picture, but…

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Josh Horton Off Season Report: Heading to Spring Training Ready to Turn Heads

  After being named an organizational All-Star for the first time in his career and setting full-season career highs in Slugging, OPS, Doubles, Home Runs…and Strikeouts…Josh Horton came back…

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Case Study Miranda Davis: Can Baseball Rebellion help Softball Players too???

Miranda came to the building in early November last year.  She, as Keith will tell you, was a successful rec-ball player.  I saw potential in her frame and her aggression…

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Alex Rodriguez Swing Woes Blamed on Poor Hitting Instruction

Alex Rodriguez is being scapegoated by the New York Yankees, but after watching the video below, can we REALLY blame his hitting struggles on him?   Kevin Long (the New…

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Robinson Cano: Blind Case Study

By popular demand, Chas Pippitt uses Robinson Cano’s super swing as a Case Study to see if the Baseball Hitting Rebellion Blog information holds up under fire. That’s right, Chas uses video of Cano’s swing he’s NEVER seen before and you’ll have to see whether Chas gets DEBUNKED…

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