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Learn to Load with The Wedge Drill

The ability of a youth athlete to get into the proper hip hinge position is extremely difficult. This is something that can be troubling to teach and one that we…

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How to Structure Your Bullpens – Beginner Edition

Whether a pitcher is attending weekly pitching lessons or monthly pitching lessons, what she does outside of her instruction times will ultimately determine how quickly she improves.  The instruction that…

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Baseball Youth Swing Breakdowns

Every week Baseball Youth, the #1 Youth Baseball Network in the World, names a Player to Watch. We’ve teamed up with Baseball Youth to break down the swings of all…

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College Recruiting Secret: Parental Conduct MATTERS!

The truth about college athletics is simple. The evaluation process doesn’t just occur on the field at camps and at games. These coaches are not just evaluating your player, they’re…

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Three Key Components to Improve Your Pre-Pitch Routine

Picture This: The count is two balls and two strikes. There are runners on the corners. During the top of the seventh inning, your team tied the game with an…

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The Best of BR – A Midyear Review

In honor of the year 2019 and the MLB reaching their halfway points we wanted to breakdown our most popular articles, in every category so far in 2019. Click the…

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Stop Striking Out!

Do you feel like you’re constantly striking out? Does it cause frustration? WELL STOP! Striking out is a part of the game, but there are fixes to help you improve….

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How Proper Pitching Mechanics can Improve Your Topspin

In my article last week, I touched on the importance of the fastball. All pitchers begin their venture into pitching by throwing a fastball, but many stop developing this pitch…

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One Player to Watch From Each Team in This Year’s NCAA College World Series

Eight Hitters to Watch in this Year’s NCAA College World Series This is the perfect time of year to sit down with your son/daughter and take in a ball game….

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Why the Fastball Is Still Important in Softball

Everybody wants to talk about the curveball and the rise ball, but during the NCAA tournament this year, you may have heard a somewhat unfamiliar term in softball. The fastball…

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Andrew Vaughn Swing Analysis

We have all heard it a million times. “Let the ball get deep”. But just how deep is good enough? Watch how potential first round pick and reigning Golden Spikes…

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Bryant Pippitt Swing Analysis

Baseball Rebellion’s Eric Tyler breaks down the swing of 2032 Draft Prospect Bryant Pippitt. Despite losing 50% of the genetic lottery, Bryant has a swing that projects to the next…

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