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Building Your Defensive Lineup

If you’ve ever written a lineup card for a baseball or softball team, this article is for you. This is designed to help you not only put your lineup together as…

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Six Traits That Make a Great Outfielder

Do you have the qualities that make a great Outfielder? “But the outfield is boring” At the youth level, outfielders may not get much attention or glory. This is because…

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3 Drills To Decrease Catcher Pop Time

Baseball Rebellion shows you three drills to improve your footwork and arm strength to decrease your catcher pop time and throw more runners out.

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3 Skills You Must Be Improving While Staying Inside

Athletes looking for something to do while stuck at the house? Look no further. Here are the 3 skills you can improve at the house with little equipment needed.

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Improve Your Catcher’s Stance for More Strike Calls- Youth Catcher Case Study

Teach your catcher’s how to better receive pitches and get more strike calls this season by learning a new set-up technique for catcher’s of all ages.

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4 Indoor Fielding Drills for Winter Training

Baseball Rebellion infield instructor, Eric Tyler, shows you some great fielding drills that you can do indoors this winter.

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Implementing and Executing Situational Batting Practice for Teams

Situational Batting Practice Learn from a nationally ranked NCAA Division-1 program on how they execute situational batting practice and the best ways to implement it into your practices. No matter…

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Partner Groundball Drill

Partner Ground Ball Drill for Hand-Eye Coordination It is no mistake that the worst infielders are typically the tightest and most rigid. All great infielders have a loose rhythm about…

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Infield Throwing Footwork: How It Changes With Each Position

Baseball Rebellion Lead Infield Instructor, Eric Tyler, talks about the different footwork needed to be successful at all infield positions.

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Infield Drill Progression For Your Team

Infield Drill Progression to Bring Energy and Execution to Your Next Practice   As a BR Premium member, you will be given access to drills and videos from the No…….

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What Makes A Great First Baseman? Perfect Your Footwork

Who’s On First? When I say First Basemen the first thing that comes to mind is a big power hitter who just has to catch the ball thrown to them….

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Great Catcher = Great Routine!

At most team practices, there is little time set aside for catchers to work on their skills outside of catching bullpens. While bullpens are great opportunities to improve, a routine…

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