Batting Cage Secrets from Baseball Rebellion

Players all over the country are gearing up for summer travel ball! Softball is already in full swing here in NC and Showcase and Travel Baseball is getting rolling as…

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One Player to Watch From Each Team in This Year’s NCAA College World Series

Eight Hitters to Watch in this Year’s NCAA College World Series This is the perfect time of year to sit down with your son/daughter and take in a ball game….

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Online Lesson Showcase – Hitting with JK Whited

In this week’s Online Showcase, I wanted to highlight one softball player who is in our online hitting lesson program.  She is an excellent worker and understands how to use…You’ve…

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How to Be More Effective with Your Slide Step Delivery

Coaches often tell my students that they have to be quicker with their delivery to home plate.  The quote they hear the most is, “You have too much hip movement…You’ve…

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One Training Tool To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer

Playing summer ball at any level can lead to rapid skill development when done correctly. Playing upwards of four or five games each week allows a player the opportunity to…

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Hitter’s Hack- Hitting the Ball out Front

Does Letting the Ball Get Deep in Your Swing Help with Power? If it gets too deep you will get beat Does your kid look rushed when hitting? Are they…You’ve…

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Why the Fastball Is Still Important in Softball

Everybody wants to talk about the curveball and the rise ball, but during the NCAA tournament this year, you may have heard a somewhat unfamiliar term in softball. The fastball…

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Baseball Rebellion’s Online Showcase- Hitting with JK Whited

Hello everyone!  For my next series of videos, I thought I would take some time to illustrate some of the many aspects of the swing we teach with real-life examples….You’ve…

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Talking to Umpires: Do’s & Don’ts for Player’s, Parents, & Coaches

How you talk to an umpire can be the difference between winning and losing. These men and women are not robots, they have both emotions and memories. More than likely,…

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Better Command On the Mound with the 45-Degree Rule

One Rule to Increase Command on the Mound The ability to repeat your pitching delivery begins by creating rhythm and timing. The full windup is a fluid cadence of moving…You’ve…

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One Cue to Fix Vision and Improve Timing

Focus your Vision for Better Timing Are you actually seeing the ball? What if I told you that you could help your child hit better in the game without having…

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How the Rack Bat Helps Side Bend and Increases Power

Create Consistent Contact with Side Bend Are you seeing a lot of strikeouts or popups from your son or daughter? Are they rolling over or getting jammed more than you’d…

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