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Thank you so much for purchasing Baseball Rebellion’s Catching Coaches Clinic! All of us at Baseball Rebellion are incredibly excited to help youth coaches, parents, and players change the way baseball and softball are taught and played all across the country. We have dedicated our careers to finding the best and most efficient ways to receive, block, and throw behind the plate. Now it’s time to pass on these teachings to you! Below, we have identified the most important aspects of catching and have created videos where we dive into a wide range of catching concepts. Within each concept, you will see drills that help your players get the most out of their practice time. Enjoy!

Baseball Rebellion Catcher Coaches Clinic Index

  1. Stances
  2. Receiving
  3. Blocking
  4. Throwing: Footwork, Transfers, Rotations
  5. Bunt Plays
  6. Plays at the Plate
  7. Pop Ups
  8. Catchers Competition
  9. Practice Plan
  10. Active Warmup
  11. Hip Isometrics


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