Case Studies

Case Studies are the best way we've found to showcase how we help our hitters here at Baseball Rebellion and the enormous improvement that results from their hard work. Here are some of our favorite Client Case Studies from the past couple of years. Enjoy!

Case Study: 8-Year-Old Hitter

At Baseball Rebellion we work with players of all ability levels. Young novice softball and baseball players train right next to high draft picks and other professionals.  Our environment is friendly and inviting, but imagine being a 6-year-old kid coming into a place like Baseball Rebellion.  I’m certain it can be an intimidating environment to walk into as a young and inexperienced player.

I want to talk to you about a young player named Sidney who is one of the youngest hitters we have ever accepted into our program at Baseball Rebellion...

Case Study: 12-Year-Old Hitter

This case study will go down as one of my favorites written so far. The reason being is that it proves to me, every day, that what we teach here will help hitters hit the ball harder and farther. Developing power is something that not only power hitters should search for; every hitter can benefit from our "Rebel's Rack Movement Progression". This is one of the many stories of how we improve hitters in such a short period of time.

Case Study: 13-Year-Old Hitter

As private instructors, we have an obligation to each one of our clients to provide the resources to be a better hitter, pitcher or fielder. Parents are putting their trust in us to give their children the best possible chance to succeed. We explain to the families immediately in the evaluation process that we expect a lot out of our hitters outside of the facility.

Simply coming for one lesson a week and doing nothing in between won't cut it. We will provide the resources for improvement, but development is truly on the player. For the past year, I have worked with a local hitter named Jack. His family trusted us with his development and the results reviewed in this article are a testament to Jack's hard work and his parents choice to bring him in often.

Case Study: High School Freshman Hitter - 🥎

The softball community at all levels has been very welcoming and open to the movement ideas here at Baseball Rebellion. Because of this, many schools are adopting the Rebel’s Rack movement progression.  This movement work allows coaches and instructors to unlock the hidden potential inside of their athletes while adding the ability to hit for power. On March 22nd, 2016 Tomika and Takia Nichols walked into Baseball Rebellion. Here is Takia’s unedited evaluation video. Baseball Rebellion HQ had zero Hittrax at this point, so we used a Stalker Sport 2 radar gun to collect her exit velocity data.