BRHQ: Technology

Baseball Rebellion believes in staying on the cutting edge of baseball and softball related technology. Baseball Rebellion is dedicated to not just having technology in our facility, but using it to help our athlete’s improve. Every swing and throw you take in Baseball Rebellion will have data attached to it.


Baseball Rebellion currently houses four (4) HitTrax system that allows every ball hit in our facility to be tracked, recorded, analyzed, and posted on your account and on a national leaderboard.  HitTrax provides our hitters with real-time states including Exit Velocity, Launch Angle, Distance, and Point of Impact. These measures, paired with our video analysis capabilities, offer a one-of-a-kind experience that fosters athletes of all ages to be engaged with their instructor and their training.

For the parents, HitTrax gives you quantitative and visual feedback that immediately proves whether your athlete is improving or not.  At Baseball Rebellion, we can this “Proving Improvement” and we feel this sets us apart from other training facilities around the country.


For our pitcher’s we have a Rapsodo Pitch Tracker. The Rapsodo allows our pitching instructors to analyze the velocity, location, spin rate, spin efficiency, and other throwing metrics of each throw or pitch.  While radar guns have been able to track velocity for years, the Rapsodo allows the pitcher to work on never before tested metrics to improve all the pitches in their repertoire.

Just as with the hitting, the Rapsodo allows each athlete to see and track their improvement on a pitch-by-pitch basis and overall

Film Study

Baseball Rebellion also houses two (2) dedicated video rooms for swing and throwing video analysis.  This is another great technology used by our instructors.  Often taking time to video lessons and go back and being able to show our clients what worked well and what did not, all while backing it up with the analytics of Hittrax and Rapsodo