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Creating the Engine to Your Swing

Creating the Engine to Your Swing

By JK Whited | October 14, 2020

JK Whited breaks down THREE key phases of Javy Baez’s swing and how you can learn from him for help creating the engine to your swing.

Stop Flying Open

Hitters Stop Flying Open With These Two Cues

By Garrett Gordon | October 14, 2020

The front shoulder flying open is one of the biggest mistakes hitters make. Check out two cues you can use to help your hitters stay on the ball longer

Hit More Line Drives Without Changing Your Swing

Hit More Line Drives Without Changing Your Swing

By Eric Tyler | October 6, 2020

Hit more line drives without changing your swing by learning from the sport of golf and how it all relies on your set up.

SHould You swing up or down

Should You Swing Down or Swing Up? It Depends

By Garrett Gordon | October 6, 2020

Should you swing down or swing up? That is one of the most talked about approaches in baseball. We’re here to tell you why they’re both right.

Stay Through the Ball Longer

Stay Through the Ball Long with the Ping Pong Drill

By JK Whited | October 2, 2020

The purpose of this drill is to slightly exaggerate the idea of “staying through the ball”. As we know, it requires not only barrel speed to hit the ball hard, but barrel accuracy.

How to Use Resistance Bands In Your Swing

How to Use Resistance Bands In Your Swing

By Eric Tyler | September 30, 2020

Adding some resistance to a complex move can sometimes clean up that movement and create better movement patterns. This article covers three separate ways to use resistance bands to help your hitter.

Should Hitters Have a Barrel Tip_

Should Hitters Have a Barrel Tip in Their Load?

By Garrett Gordon | September 30, 2020

A Lot of youth hitters watch players in the big leagues and see how much MLB hitters wave and tip their bat. When the bat tip is done correctly it allows for whip and speed through the zone. If done incorrectly it can cause hitters to get loopy and disconnected early in their swing

softball infield drills

Three Infield Drills For Softball and Baseball

By Chas Pippitt | September 27, 2020

Here are three infield drills you can learn today to help improve your footwork, glovework, and overall technique.

Hitting drills to warm-up properly

Warm-Up Hitting Drills for Hitters of All Ages

By Garrett Gordon | September 24, 2020

Front shoulders flying open, pulling off the ball are mainly due to posture being compromised in a hitters swing. The two drills in this article will help hitters understand the right posture and a hitting drill that I do everyday during in person lessons.

When Should Hitters Start Their Stride_

When Should a Hitter Start Their Stride?

By Eric Tyler | September 22, 2020

Timing. The most sought after attribute in hitting can often be the most difficult to obtain. With any timing, there has to be a beginning as well as an end. When it comes to hitting the ending is when the bat makes contact with the ball, so what is the beginning? When the hitters starts to lift their front heel and begin the process of striding is the start to timing. So when should that begin? Lets take a look.

How Failure Breeds Success

Why Failure In Training Breeds Success In Games

By Luke Johnson | September 21, 2020

Learn how variable training and failure help to better a player’s mentality and preparation come game day and different drills that will help develop your approach.

How To Get More Out Of Your Batting Practice

How To Get More Out Of Batting Practice

By Eric Tyler | September 21, 2020

Want to learn how to get the most out of batting practice? Check out these drills you can do to help your hitters get more out of BP.