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Hitting drills to warm-up properly

Warm-Up Hitting Drills for Hitters of All Ages

By Garrett Gordon | September 24, 2020

Front shoulders flying open, pulling off the ball are mainly due to posture being compromised in a hitters swing. The two drills in this article will help hitters understand the right posture and a hitting drill that I do everyday during in person lessons.

When Should Hitters Start Their Stride_

When Should a Hitter Start Their Stride?

By Eric Tyler | September 22, 2020

Timing. The most sought after attribute in hitting can often be the most difficult to obtain. With any timing, there has to be a beginning as well as an end. When it comes to hitting the ending is when the bat makes contact with the ball, so what is the beginning? When the hitters starts to lift their front heel and begin the process of striding is the start to timing. So when should that begin? Lets take a look.

How Failure Breeds Success

Why Failure In Training Breeds Success In Games

By Luke Johnson | September 21, 2020

Learn how variable training and failure help to better a player’s mentality and preparation come game day and different drills that will help develop your approach.

How To Get More Out Of Your Batting Practice

How To Get More Out Of Batting Practice

By Eric Tyler | September 21, 2020

Want to learn how to get the most out of batting practice? Check out these drills you can do to help your hitters get more out of BP.

Launch Angle Training

Launch Angle Training To Reach Your Full Potential

By JK Whited | September 21, 2020

As with most hitting methodologies these days, there can be a lot of controversy surrounding new ideas. Even though launch angle isn’t anything new, training it is still looked down upon in certain realms of hitting

How Far Should a Hitter Stride

How Far Should a Hitter Stride?

By Garrett Gordon | September 18, 2020

How Far Should a Hitter Stride? We get a lot of questions weekly on how far a hitter should stride.  It all depends! Mainly body size and starting stance width…

How To Transition from Off-Season to Pre-Season

By Eric Tyler | September 9, 2020

It’s time to start transitioning your training from the off-season to the pre-season. Learn what you can be doing today to be ready to start the season.

Important vs Vital

What To Look For When Evaluating Hitters

By JK Whited | September 9, 2020

JK Whited of Baseball Rebellion breaks down the difference between what is vital in hitting and what is considered to be important when it comes to the swing.

One Way to Get Your Season Started Right

One Way to Get Your Season Started Right

By Chas Pippitt | September 9, 2020

The best way for players to communicate with their coaches what they have been working on in their off-season training program.

How an Ex-Major Leaguer Changed His Hitting Philosophies for the Better

By Eric Tyler | September 8, 2020

We sit down with former Red Sox Outfielder Bob Zupcic. Hear about life in professional baseball & all the ups and down’s associated with that.

How to Stop Dropping Your Hands in the Swing

How to Stop Dropping Your Hands in the Swing

By Chas Pippitt | September 8, 2020

Do you need your hitters to learn how to stop dropping hands and casting the bat? Check out this drill video on how to help correct the flaw.

How to Fix a long swing

How to Fix a Long Swing

By Chas Pippitt | September 4, 2020

How to Fix a Long Swing Coaches, parents, players, and instructors: We have all seen players or had at one time a long and loopy swing.  Recently, I was working…