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Six Traits That Make a Great Outfielder

By Garrett Gordon | April 18, 2019

Do you have the qualities that make a great Outfielder? “But the outfield is boring” At the youth level, outfielders may not get much attention or glory. This is because…

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Mental Marker Series – Head Back Positioning

By JK Whited | April 17, 2019

JK Whited’s Mental Marker Series- Head Back Positioning This new Mental Markers tip came in the form of a question from a premium member. He was wondering how to help…You’ve…

hot and not 2019

Who’s Hot and Who’s Not to Start the 2019 Season

By Eric Tyler | April 16, 2019

Find Out Why Former First-Round “Bust” Tim Beckham Is Off To His Best Start Ever and Why Former All-Star Buster Posey Badly Needs a Position Change Is it too early…

My First Year as a Little League Dad

By Chas Pippitt | April 15, 2019

My oldest son, Bryant, is now playing his first year of Little League baseball. He’s almost six, so he’s in machine pitch and loving every second of it. We’ve had…

Rece Hinds For Website

Rece Hinds Swing Analysis

By Eric Tyler | April 12, 2019

How important is maintaining your posture in your swing? Eric Tyler takes a look at how 2019 MLB Draft Prospect Rece Hinds compares to Alex Correa!

Weekend Tournament Nutrition Plan

By Kyle Harris | April 11, 2019

How to Make Sure Your Player Receives Proper Nutrition During Those Long Weekend Tournaments One of the best things you can do for your son or daughter during their weekend-long…

Mental Marker Series – Keeping High Hands

By JK Whited | April 10, 2019

If your hitter is struggling with dropping their hands in their swing check out this video that provides a simple cue to help cure this power crushing flaw.

Breaking the Mental Barrier of the “5 O’Clock Hitter”

By John Lampros | April 9, 2019

If you are struggling to hit in games but crushing it in the cage or batting practice, learn how a few mental adjustments can turn your season around. What Is…You’ve…

Max Boyatt Case Study

50 to 70: Max Boyatt Case Study

By Dave Shinskie | April 8, 2019

Baseball Rebellion’s pitching methodology is designed to help throwers increase velocity all while maintaining safe and efficient movements and mechanics.

4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Slump

By Eric Tyler | April 5, 2019

In a slump right now? Find out four ways to break out of it from Eric Tyler and Baseball Rebellion!

How to Train Timing In-Season

By Chas Pippitt | April 4, 2019

Learn how you can become a better hitter during your season and see the drills we use daily here at BRHQ to help our hitters improve their timing.

Riley Green

Riley Greene Swing Analysis

By Eric Tyler | April 3, 2019

Baseball Rebellion’s Eric Tyler takes a look at how 2019 MLB Draft Prospect Riley Greene compares to the Padres Eric Hosmer. We take a deep look into the importance of…