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With BR Insider, we're giving you access to all of our best content on our website, along with additional content on the subjects you're most interested in each week! Best of all, you're even going to get personal instruction from the founder of Baseball Rebellion, Chas Pippitt! We've partnered with a new app called Volley to create the most personal online training experience you've ever had.

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What You Get With BR Insider!

Virtual Lessons With BR Volley

BR Volley completely changes the way you should think about online baseball lessons and virtual training. With traditional online lessons, you can film a swing, send it in, and it comes back with a voiceover and some lines showing what changes you can make with your technique. That's a great place to start, but should instruction be more personable?

That's where Volley comes in! Instead of just getting technique advice, Volley allows you to build a relationship with your new virtual coach.

The Volley platform makes it extremely easy to send video, text messages, attachments, or anything you need to best communicate with your instructor. Volley allows you to receive technique instruction, get advice on your hitter's mental game, or develop a training plan together. Ultimately, your lessons with BR Insider and BR Volley are as creative as you are!

Here's how some use cases for BR Volley:

  • Is your hitter in a slump? Chances are it’s more mental than physical. We have plenty of experience helping hitters get through them. Have your hitter send us a Volley message with how they are feeling mentally at the plate and we'll get back to you ASAP with tried-and-true advice to get back to crushing the ball!
  • Did something not feel right mechanically in your hitter's first game of a weekend tournament? Send a Volley video of an at-bat and we'll talk through what they’re feeling so we can figure out the problem (and a solution) together.
  • Does your hitter(s) need a training plan and drills to work on? Let’s figure one out together so that you can go to our drill library and learn exactly how to do your drills and know exactly how much you need to do.

What People Think About The BR Volley App So Far!

"This is better than FaceTime, it's better than regular video, and it works!" 
-Antonio Cisneros

"Volley is great because I can send questions directly to the Baseball Rebellion instructors while we're practicing at home."  -Patrick Clark


"My daughter can have another set of eyes on her that we know, trust, and respect to give feedback. It's like a collaborative effort." -Cristin Holtje


"I enjoy it as a dad because it's another voice that's motivating my children [to get better]."  -Tom Lee


"As a coach, it definitely saves me time and keeps me going in the right direction when I'm working with hitters." -Brandon M.

Drill Library

Every drill you need, all in one place. The BR Insider Drill Library gives you complete access to every drill from our Learn To Turn series. With access to all the drills, you'll learn the movements faster so your hitter can master them faster!

More Community. More Content.

The Learn The Turn Facebook Group

Our Learn To Turn Facebook Group is the public community for Baseball Rebellion's non-invasive movement training follower and for players, parents, & coaches who just want to learn more about the swing.

Baseball Rebellion instructors are active on the Facebook Group to answer the public's questions, facilitate discussions, and exchange videos. Plus, we'll be posting some of our favorite BR Volley videos to the Facebook Group!

The Learn The Turn Volley Channels

Our Learn To Turn Volley Community is an extension of our Learn To Turn Facebook Community...but it's so much more! Interact with all our Baseball Rebellion instructors through the unique video-sharing BR Volley platform. Filter through our user-generated discussion, learn the latest swing tips from Luke's Lessons, check out Chas' Challenges, and take in bit-sized talks from industry experts!

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With our BR Insider articles, learn more about: the philosophy behind our non-invasive movement training, best practices for using our Rebel's Rack, and becoming a better overall coach/instructor for your hitter(s)!

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