Bat Drag Buster





The Bat Drag Buster forces the hitter’s elbows to work together to promote proper barrel turn and more consistent contact swing after swing.

Using the Bat Drag Buster eliminates Bat Drag, the most common flaw in young baseball and softball hitters.

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The Bat Drag Buster Puts an End To:

Late Swings

Late swings happen because the arms extend and elbows push together. This delays the barrel pivoting around the hands and causes the bat head to drag behind. The Bat Drag Buster forces the hitter to maintain elbow space and accelerate the bat head instantly.

Weak Oppo Contact

Weak opposite-field contact happens because the bat head has not accelerated properly and quickly enough into the pitch path. The Bat Drag Buster fixes this by helping the hitter feel how to keep the hands high and close to the body at the beginning of the turn, which speeds up the barrel much faster than an arm push.

Repeatively Fouling Off

Repeatedly fouling off pitches happens because the hands drop in the swing. The Bat Drag Buster fixes this by alerting the hitter when their hands get away from their body towards the opposite batter's box or down by their hips.

Early Hand Activation

Early hand activation happens when the hitter does not understand how to stay connected in their swing. The Bat Drag Buster helps with assisting this feel (red band) or forcing the hitter to maintain arm angles (white band) and creates the upper body shape needed to deactivate the hands and empower the turn with the entire body.

Casting the Hands

Casting the hands is when the hands get away from the body either down towards the hips or out towards the other batter's box. The Bat Drag Buster creates the proper feel needed for the hitter to identify the casting mistake and what it should feel like when done properly.

And of course, Bat Drag

Finally, bat drag happens when the back elbow gets between the body and home plate of the hitter or when the back elbow races forward past the hands in the swing. The Bat Drag Buster forces the hitter to keep their elbows locked, allowing them to work together to turn the barrel instead of the arms dragging the barrel through.

What People are Saying about the Bat Drag Buster!

Jim M.

"My son plays on a 12 travel team.hits with power but slow swing. The Bat Drag Buster improved his bat speed tremendously which give him more power also. It forces him to use his lower body to get a level swing. It also keeps his launch angle where it should be. I'm very pleased with it and he loves using it."

Morgan C.

"My son Connor loves the Back Drag Buster, it has been a game-changer for him. He has gone from rollover after rollover at-bat to hitting solid line drives on a regular basis."

James M.

"I noticed an immediate improvement with my 9-year-old son when using the Bat Drag Buster with the white band.  He immediately knows when there is a lack of tension in the band which helps him feel when his back elbow is moving forward...So far this is the only thing that has allowed him to not revert back to bringing his elbow forward during real pitching which puts us further ahead than I ever could have imagined."

Rick P.

"I have worked with the Bat Drag Buster for just a bit since I have received it. I spent 19 years coaching junior college baseball and have stepped away from that to allow for more time to coach my kids’ teams, so I have a strong base of baseball knowledge. I really like this device to help young hitters (8-15-year-olds) that cast out and have no feel for keeping the elbows apart until after contact. So far so good with the results."

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    Bat Drag Buster

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