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The FollowThru Bat – The Baseball Rebellion Way - As professional hitting instructors we are always looking for different things to use to help make our hitters better, more efficient, and have a deeper understanding of their swing. One of the products we use
The Myth of the Pop-Up – Baseball Rebellion Whiteboard Series - Baseball Rebellion Hitting Instructor JK Whited takes everyone through the first installment of his whiteboard series. During JK's whiteboard talk, he goes over: The difference between a fly-ball and a pop-up. What causes a pop-up?
Drill This, Not That: Timing Drills -   Seen above, the countdown drill is used to teach a hitter to be quick to the ball as well as be able to adjust to different timings. The thought behind this drill is if
Learn to See the Ball with the Turn To Catch Drill! -   The "Turn to Catch" Drill is a great way for players of all ages to train the counter rotation of the head as the body rotates out during the swing.  Simply put, seeing
1 Simple Drill to CRUSH the Low and Inside Pitch! - Hitting a low and inside pitch is really really hard.  Many right-handed hitters have even more trouble with this as most breaking pitches break away from them and in towards the left-handed batter’s box.  Something
Playing the Wall Ball in the Outfield - One of the most overlooked plays in baseball is the relay play to throw a runner out at home trying to score from first base on a ball hit into the gap. You see it
Baseball Rebellion in Stuttgart, Germany - Two years ago I was invited to travel to Stuttgart, Germany to coach at a baseball camp from an assistant coach of mine at UNC Asheville.  Unfortunately, I was unable to do so at the
Top 3 Hitting Myths Busted Top 3: Hitting Myths Busted! Revisted - Top 3: Baseball / Softball Hitting Myths Busted! Here is a list of three very popular hitting myths in baseball and softball. Obviously, these myths are completely subjective as there many hitting myths out there.
How Does the Hitter’s Front Side Affect His Swing? Revisited - Many moons ago, in the year of 2012, I wrote an article that went through the use of the front leg (scroll down the page about halfway) in an elite hitter's swing.  Since then, my views
The WORST Hitting Drills for Baseball and Softball EXPOSED, Part 2 - A lot has happened at Baseball Rebellion since February 8th, 2013.  On that date, I wrote “The WORST Hitting Drill for Baseball and Softball EXPOSED”.  In that article, I highlighted the high tee/low tee drill
Chas Pippitt, Front Foot Down Early, Front Foot Down Late Should a Hitter Get his Front Foot Down Early? Baseball Rebellion Investigates. - Here at Baseball Rebellion, we like to say "The Swing IS The Turn". When we coach our hitters most of what we spend our first few months of our program on is learning to turn
Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 41, NY Sports Science Lab - This week Dave is back with JK and Eric.  They discuss everything from Dave's wedding, JK's journey coming up to Germany, and Erics newest article on Intent.  JK chats with the guys at NY Sports
The Turn Behind The Turn - The Turn Behind The Turn is designed to help the hitter eliminate all pushing or driving of the knob in the baseball (or softball) swing. Turning the bat behind the back hip allows for the
Training Your Swing With Intent – Revisited -  After watching the video above, I think you would be able to say that every single swing was taken with authority, purpose, and the plan of ruining a pitcher's day.  If your player is
Baseball Rebellion Podcast: Episode 40, All-Star Break and BR Showcase in Charlotte, NC -   We're back!  This week Eric and Tyler join JK in a discussion about the first half of baseball this year.  Later the guys talk about the very first Baseball Rebellion hosted Showcase event in