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How the Top MLB Pitchers are Winning in the Launch Angle Era - The game of baseball has changed in the last 3-4 years in both hitting and pitching due to recent advances in technology.  We aren't in the "Dead Ball Era" or the "Live Ball Era" or
Baseball Rebellion Podcast Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 29, Jennifer Swift, Head Softball Coach at St. Francis - JK is still out with his new baby, so Chas takes over again this week with an awesome interview with Jennifer Swift, Head Softball Coach at St. Francis!
Swing Accuracy? What it Means to Put the Bat on the Ball! - One of the common misconceptions related to an upward swing is that the hitter is selling out for power and sacrificing the ability to make consistent contact. In this article, I aim to debunk that
5 Small Adjustments to Turn Your Season Around - It's early in the season in Major League Baseball and even earlier in the minors.  Some guys have as many as 50 at-bats, others far less.  50 at-bats in high school in North Carolina, is
Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown – Bartolo Colon -     After his almost perfect game on April 15, 2018, Dave Shinskie investigates what makes Bartolo Colon so effective in the MLB even at 44 years old. The answer lays hidden in his solid
Baseball Rebellion Podcast Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 28, Rich Bartel – Quarterback Coach - JK is out this week so Baseball Rebellion CEO Chas Pippitt takes over the podcast and interviews Rich Bartel! Rich is a former Minor League Pitcher, former NFL Quarterback, and current world-renowned private Quarterback Coach.
The Effectiveness of Stretching: What Type? When? How Much? - If you go to any baseball game at any level, there is some form of pre-game body routine that is meant to prepare the athletes for maximal performance. My goal in writing this post is
The Expertise Assumption: Where Private Coaches Fail their Most Talented Clients - When an 8 year old walks into Baseball Rebellion for a hitting or throwing evaluation, the process is simple and the same every single time.  First, we let the player warm themselves up how they
Baseball Rebellion Podcast Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 27, Coach Jeff Leach - Today JK and Dave discuss pitchers today and their task to combat the launch angle change in hitters. We welcome on Coach Jeff Leach on to the show to discuss hitting as well as youth
Baseball Rebellion Pitching Breakdown: Patrick Corbin -   Dave Shinskie, the Lead Pitching Instructor at Baseball Rebellion, breaks down Arizona Diamondbacks ace pitcher Patrick Corbin. Dave takes us through the pitching mechanics and pitch selection that has helped Corbin start the
Baseball Rebellion Podcast Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 26, Matt Lisle – South Carolina Softball - In today's episode, Dave and JK give you Tips in 10 minutes or less. We welcome on Matt Lisle, head hitting coach of the South Carolina Gamecock softball team who is currently tearing up the SEC. 
Great Catcher = Great Routine! - At most team practices, there is little time set aside for catchers to work on their skills outside of catching bullpens. While bullpens are great opportunities to improve, a routine is needed to make sure
Rebellion Recruiting- Interpreting Emails - All to often, I get an email or a phone call from a parent or client telling me that their son/daughter or themselves received an email from a coach or a camp invite from a
Baseball Rebellion Podcast Baseball Rebellion Podcast – Episode 25, Will Arnold of NIACC - In today's episode, JK is joined by Chas Pippitt, Tyler Zupcic, and Eric Tyler.  The guys discuss the opportunity that all coaches have to speak and work with their player's private instructors.  Dave and JK
How to Increase Exit Velocity: Learn First, Then Load - EXIT VELOCITY is quite the buzz-worthy topic these days.  Just as pitchers have gone through the unrelenting quest to increase their throwing velocity, hitters are doing the same thing with bat speed and batted ball