Why Teaching Rotation is a Must for Coaches of All Levels

Written By: Chas Pippitt

If your reading this article, you should be familiar with the Rebel's Rack and the well documented success of helping hitters of all ages, genders, sizes, and ability levels hit the ball harder and farther than they ever have. Besides releasing some basic drills to do with the Rebel's Rack on our site and YouTube page, we've never gone into complete detail on how coaches, instructors, and/or parents can teach using the Rebel's Rack. And more specifically, teach rotation to hitters.

We heard a lot that people wanted something more than just the Rebel's Rack and a list of drills on YouTube, so earlier this month, we set out to create something more. What we created is an incredibly valuable resource for teaching rotation in the swing, specifically with the Rebel's Rack. The Rebel's Rack Movement Certification Course was created by the staff at Baseball Rebellion for YOU. Who are you and why do you need to teach rotation with the Rebel's Rack? Well, we answer that all for you below. 

Eric Talking to Youth Player

(Volunteer) Youth Coaches

Your young player's team needed a coach and here you are the Head Coach of a Little League team! You probably haven't played since High School or college. And you're probably not very versed in the ins and outs of hitting. You remember some basic coaching cues from when you played but you're also hearing some new terminology on ESPN and MLB Network. But, you don't know exactly what's right to say or do for your "rag tag" team of players That's OK!

The best thing for you to do is find a system that works for all your players and that can be easily taught and communicated by everyone on the team. Now we may be a little bias but the Rebel's Rack Movement Progression is the best way to get hitters of all sizes and ability levels to consistently make solid contact with the ball and get on base. Rotating correctly in the swing the easiest and most basic way to see results in youth hitters. While older hitters can get away with 'swinging with their arms, this is often a weak area for youth players, so they have to generate power through rotation in order to make solid contact. The Rebel's Rack Movement Certification Course is filled with the best ways for YOU to help make these novice players crush the ball!

Sometimes, as a volunteer coach, some of the kids you're coaching will only get coached by you. This is a reality of rec league sports, but you have a chance to make that player's season the best they've ever had. If the season is 12 games and 12 practices, you have 24 opportunities to teach your players how to turn/rotate and hit the ball hard! The benefits you'll see and the enjoyment they'll get from hitting the ball harder and farther will be priceless.

Informed Parents

Parents that (intelligently) work with their kids in the backyard or at a local batting cage, first of all we praise you; it takes a lot to work a 9-to-5 and then throw BP in the backyard for an hour. You rock! BUT, just like you've heard before, are you just working hard or are you working smart? Everyone has heard of 10,000 Hour Rule of becoming an expert in something but what they don't often realize is it has to be 10,000 hours of deliberate practice. Taking thousands of swings in the backyard mean nothing if they aren't quality swings. By developing the proper rotation of the swing first, you are ensuring that your hitter is developing the quality swing movements they need to start having quality, smart, and deliberate practice with you!

We know we can help you work smarter with the Rebel's Rack Movement Certification Course. The best part of a parent going through the course, is you can go through the whole course with you son or daughter. Now, instead of fighting about who's right or wrong, you can just go watch the video again! Work together with enjoyment instead of the natural frustration and friction that sports coaching can bring on between parents and their kids. The single best thing you can do as a parent for your player's hitting development is acquire the best information and giving that to your kids. The Rebel's Rack Movement Certification will give you the tools to help your young player have more fun crushing the ball than ever before.

High School and College Coaches

Coaches of high school and college teams will all benefit from the Rebel's Rack Movement Progession. The biggest selling point we have from the Rebel's Rack is that it works for everyone. No matter if you are the 6'3" 225lb college clean-up hitter or the 5'6" 145lb high school nine-hole hitter. The Rebel's Rack and Rebel's Rack Movement Progression is about helping the hitter rotate more efficiently in their swing in order to hit the ball harder, more consistently. This is good for any hitter!

The detail included in the course explanations, and specificity in the videos, will allow you to gain incredible efficiency in your time coaching your players. Having one system to coach your players, and that works for all your players, will make your practices incredibly efficient and productive. You don't need one set of coaching cues for one set of players and another set for another group of players. Rotation is Rotation. It works for everyone! Your coaches will be on the same page with the players and other coaches. Your players will be on the same page with the coaches. It's a system of singularity that most coaches only dream of!

College:Pro - Mid Swing

Private Lesson or Group Training Instructor

Like every other scenario above, it helps to have a system of training. More importantly, that system has to work! The Rebel's Rack Movement Progression, detailed in the Rebel's Rack Movement Certification Course have proven to work time and time again, and we have the data to prove it! Understanding how to teach rotation in the Rebel's Rack Movement Progression will allow you to pinpoint specific issues within your player's swing. Because of this, you can get results faster and create a more loyal client base. Instructors can zero in on the movement flaws and fix them with speed and precision, not by just firing 100's of balls at the client.

Imagine how your business could change as a hitting lesson instructor or group trainer! The Rebel's Rack Movement Progression (and having the Certification) will enhance every drill you already do! Imagine knowing the 'work' your lessons and trainees do at home will always positively impact their movement quality, speed, and power! All of that is possible once you implement the information inside the Rebel's Rack Movement Certification.

Anyone and Everyone Can Teach Rotation!

Rotation is the great equalizer in the the swing. No matter who the hitter is or what they look like, if they turn faster in their swing, they are going to be able to make harder, more consistent contact with the ball. This is good for ALL hitters! Coaches at every level should, at the very least, be teaching the basics of improving rotation in the swing. As you should recognize after reading this article, doing some research on your own, and visiting the rest of our site, we are experts in teaching rotation. That is why we developed the Rebel's Rack Movement Certification Course. We want to help all hitters rotate better so they can hit the ball harder and farther. But we can only reach so many players. That's why we developed the Course, for YOU!

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