BR Weekly Drill Video Review- See What You Missed

Written By: Eric Tyler

Baseball Rebellion Weekly Review

We encounter hundreds of clients a week here at Baseball Rebellion. Each with their own individual program set up to ensure they maximize their development.

Different athletes require different cues and drills to help them learn. Each day we post a different drill that was used in lessons to help a certain hitter achieve the change they are looking for. This article reviews each drill and explains how they can help your hitter. 

Understanding Early Connection 

Heel Connection 

  • Control the load of the back hip into foot strike
  • Maintain balance during the stride
  • Allows for the back foot to remain stable throughout the loading process

Stop Swings 

Banded Back Hip Load 

  • Allows for proper sequencing
  • Maintains heel connection through the stride
  • Forces the hitter to maintain the proper direction

Exaggerated Out Front Tee 

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