Two Drills to Barrel More Balls

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Two Drills to Barrel More Balls

The bat path of all great hitters gets in the zone and stays through the zone for a long time. The direction of the swing must stay through the middle of the field. Choking up on the bat 4-5 inches or using a short bat can help hitters feel the right move. The screen placed over the middle of home plate will also help hitters stop hooking around balls all while keeping their direction through the pitcher. In this article, you will see very simple drills to help accomplish the tasks at hand!

Working Around the Zone v.s. Working Through the Zone

Hitters wonder why they seem to pull off the baseball time and time again. There are many reasons why that may happen but it simply can be described working around the zone. This means the hitter’s body and bat are usually open up and pulling across to their pull side. The margin for error is low due to the fact the bat is not staying in the zone. This can also happen when a hitter pulls their hands across their chest. Because of this, it takes the bat farther away from where the ball is coming from.

Working through the zone means that hitters maintain their connection in the initial part of the swing or in other words barrel dumping. The body and overall posture are in a much better position to allow such moves to happen. The bat gets in the zone early and stays through the zone all the way through contact. Making the most efficient way to crush the ball!

Short Bat Drill

Using a short bat can help a hitter in many ways. From there barrel awareness, hand path, and overall swing direction. This is something that I utilize with my players on a daily basis. Since the bat is short and if you pull across the ball you will run out of barrel. If you don’t have a short bat choke up 4-5 inches and find a better path to the ball!

Net in the Middle of Home Plate

This drill is one I saw years ago done by Robinson Cano. The goal with this drill is simple, maintain early bat connection by staying inside the ball better. If you hit the net you are casting your bat and not keeping things connected. The goal is to crush the ball right back up the middle!

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