Transfer Drills For All Positions

Written By: Dave Shinskie

In this article, Baseball Rebellion gives away a few transfer drills to eliminate time and thought while throwing. These drills are meant to have the player use footwork to allow ball transfers one fluid efficient movement. The drills are done from standard positions for beginner throwers and then move toward going full speed for game speed practice.

To clarify, what I mean when I say “eliminate time and thought while throwing” is that when a player is trying to make a play, they should simply try not to think about the throw. Creating energy properly toward the target while transferring the baseball smoother makes all the difference. If you ever watch an MLB game, some players just make it look easy. So what exactly what do they do? The drills below will help you unlock their secrets!


What The Pro’s Do!

Here is an example of Israel WBC player making a cut-off throw to get the runner at third. No matter where the ball is thrown there is always time to use proper footwork and transfer

Miguel Sano makes a great backhanded play, takes his time to get to his right foot and transfers the ball to his throwing

Jonathan Lucroy throws out the runner by using his footwork and transfer into one fluid movement

Starling Marte makes a 300 ft. throw look easy with a long transfer and arm

Brandon Crawford makes sure he gets to his right foot plant before transferring the ball back to his hand to make a strong throw


Three Baseball Rebellion Transfer Drills

In these videos, we go through footwork and transfer drills used at Baseball Rebellion. No matter what position you play we always want to have our bodies move properly to not only help make a strong throw but also to maximize the potential to make that play. We want to emphasize healthy mechanics through each throw. By doing the following drills we can help any player create good footwork and smooth transfers. Here at Baseball Rebellion, we implement these drills for all ages, no matter where you play on the field.  I hope these transfer drills can help you and your team become stronger, more efficient throwers.

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