Top Hitting DRILL Articles of 2019!

Written By: Tyler Zupcic

Top Hitting DRILL Articles of 2019

To end the calendar year we wanted to highlight our top hitting drill articles of 2019. Our most-read content day in and day out are hitting drills and we wanted to provide you with our top five drill videos of the year. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Often times hitters are hampered by the inability to rotate in the proper sequence. Whether their lower body rotates too far, or their upper body stops too soon, the fear of missing the ball causes poor body movements. In order for the body to accelerate properly, the hitter’s hips must decelerate and stop in time for the upper body then bat to accelerate into contact.

If the hips never stop rotating, the upper body and bat are not able to build up speed and in turn drag around the rotation.

This drill is different than med ball drills we've shown in the past as it forces the player to stop their hips while allowing the upper body to rotate past...

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Angled Medicine Ball Throw

This week's installment of my Winter Series is brought to you by a good question that I received on my last post. Last week I did a video about isolating the coil and then feeling the separation created out from the coil.  Here is the question that I got from Mike about that video about the stride and separation.

article question

This was a good question and a good opportunity to show you how it works with a stride and separation. I choose to film this from the behind the plate view...

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Stride to Separation

The use of the tee in baseball swing development has become quite the conversation piece in the world of #HittingTwitter over the last year or so. Some coaches believe that hitters should not leave the tee until they have an “elite swing pattern.” Others are so anti-tee that they have publicly denounced tee-work as a whole.

As with most things in the development of high-level athletes, I believe in the gray area. The following contains some of the warning signs for bad tee work and processes that I have found work the best in creating a tee routine. We wanted something that helps the player prepare for the ultimate goal: in-game performance...

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Off Season Tee Progression

We have talked about this before about the Initial start of the swing.  It is crucial for a hitter to understand that if they want to hit the ball harder and farther they have to get their sequence right.  Understanding the first initial moves and why you need to get your barrel slotted is crucial for success at the plate.


After reading the article that I tagged in the paragraph above we know that the swing starts with the hips.  After that, the torso and the back knee and elbow begin to move as well.  This is what will allow hitters to have the proper sequence in their swing...

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Back Hip Load

When training youth hitters, exaggerated drills are often needed. Drills that can help get the hitter to understand just how dramatic of an adjustment they need to make. As we post these drills we often get negative comments on social media about how "nobody hits like that".

Completely ignoring the context of the drill being an exaggeration to help a hitter. Usually, this includes an exaggeration that forces a hitter to swing on a more upward path than they have before.  However, this week I ran into a youth hitter that struggled to keep the bat moving up properly through their swing path.

Whether it be a lack of strength or understanding of how...

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High-Tee Drill

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