Tony La Russa and the Unwritten Rules of Baseball

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Tony La Russa and the Unwritten Rules of Baseball

Tony La Russa is old, washed up, and out of touch with reality. He’s a drunk but endangers people’s lives driving under the influence, and rants about ‘unwritten rules’ in baseball. La Russa can’t even follow WRITTEN LAWS of America and common decency.

La Russa is just as likely to run over his Mercedez drunk in his car as back over him with a bus in the press. This man thinks he’s a gatekeeper to ‘the right way to play the game’ when in fact he’s a fossilized relic of the steroid era whose entire career is based on performance-enhancing drugs and Pujols.

His comments about his own player were OUTRAGEOUS! Here are just a few examples so you can get a feel for how out to lunch La Russa really is:

How does La Russa still have a job? 

Speaking of washed-up losers here’s more of former MLB nobody and current crappy agent Jeff Frye’s thoughts on this situation. 

Based on this guy’s Twitter feed, it is pretty clear Frye hates baseball and that his ego and jealousy of today’s players has no bounds. 

Many in the media have sounded off and current players as well, here’s Jarred Carabis of Barstool sports taking a torch to La Russa’s tired, lame, and grumpy-old-man thoughts about what happened:

How Stupid is That Idea?

Play the game until the end. Why should Mercedez have to quit because the other team did?  And then...They THREW AT MERCEDEZ! Baldelli and Duffey should be suspended for 25 games. End this stupidity of throwing at people! The funny part is that Duffey isn’t even good enough to HIT Mercedez, so now, the Twins are in a much worse situation than they were before.

Duffy, a below-average player this year, with a -.2 WAR, should worry more about getting outs instead of doing stupid things to get thrown out. Duffey recently said Greg Maddux was his favorite. One of the differences between Duffey and Maddux is that Maddux wouldn’t have missed his spot. ZING!


Trever Bauer, the highest-paid player in baseball as well the reigning NL Cy Young Award Winner had this to say about Mercedez’s hit.

What Others Are Saying

Jomboy Media had this to say about the Mercedez homerun…” we’re slowly learning over and over again that the generation of baseball players that consider themselves tough is actually the biggest babies when they get their feelings hurt”

Perhaps the most damning former player opinion was that of world champion and multiple Cy Young Award winner CC Sabathia.  I agree with everything he said.  Word for word.

Final Thought

All of this ‘old school’ baseball junk is just so tired. These men are being left behind and their egos are so large and so bruised by this fact, they just can’t do anything but tear the game down and the great players of today down. Let the kid have fun. Let the players of today play the game of today. And if you can’t, please,

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