The One Article Every Coach and Parent Needs to Read

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Learn How to Throw to Your Hitters

It is the start of the season and you need your practices to be smooth and efficient. And you know that is not possible if you don't have a good batting practice thrower. We know that throwing BP isn't easy. It has taken us a lot of practice to become a professional BP thrower. Today we are going to take you inside the training we make our employees go through to become better batting practice, front toss, and side toss throwers.

If you watch these videos and practice using our tips, you're going to see a dramatic change in how you throw to your hitters. And trust us, your hitters will appreciate it!

Tips for Throwing Batting Practice

  1. Set Up a Target
  2. Four-Seam Grip Always
  3. Loose Arm Action- Don't be Stiff
  4. Firm Throws on a Downward Angle- NO Lollipop Throws (THIS IS TERRIBLE FOR HITTERS!)
  5. Stay Behind the Screen!

Tips for Throwing Front Toss

  1. Stiff Wrist on the Toss
  2. Sit Down for Better Accuracy
  3. Downward Angle at the Hitter
  4. Get Farther Back from the Net Than You Already Sit/Stand
  5. Aim at a Target

Tips for Throwing Side Toss

  1. Four-Seam Grip
  2. No Wrist Action- Keep it Firm
  3. Throw to Middle of the Hitter
  4. Straight and Strong Throws
  5. Sit on a Bucket or on a Knee

Your Hitters Will Thank You

If you can learn as a coach or parent how to throw effective batting practice to your team or kid then you are helping them out more than anything you can buy them. That $400 bat won't do your kid any good if he doesn't have any strikes to hit with it. Learn how to throw BP and your hitters will thank you and want to hit more.

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One thought on "The One Article Every Coach and Parent Needs to Read"

  1. Jeff Pinkman says:

    It’s required at the Pinkman Academy for all coaches to wear helmets (like all base coaches now wear on the field in the NCAA and MLB) as they throw batting practice. If you’re concentrating on the hitter and the ball ricochets off nets or pipes then at least you know your dome is covered. 👍

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