Three Infield Drills For Softball and Baseball

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Three Infield Drills for Softball and Baseball

Trying to find ways to get your infielders better at practice? Check out three drills that you can teach them to do at practice or at home to help your infielders improve their fielding.

We all know that fielding a groundball, whether it's in softball or baseball, is one of the most technical parts of the sports. Check out three drills from our newest partner, Meg Rem Softball, that your infielders can learn today!

Meg Rem Softball

Infield Drills- Technique on How to Field a Ground Ball

In this video, you will learn the proper technique on how to field a ground ball. The 3 main points being discussed in this video are:

1. Glove Work

2. Body Positioning

3. Footwork This video applies to all infielders at any position and will serve as your reference point to further develop your infield skills.

Softball Infield Drills- Footwork & Direction

Attention Innies (Infielders)…. In this video, we will work on a drill that emphasizes the importance of footwork and direction towards the baseball to help you align your body with your target. This video will help you enhance your foot speed, athleticism, and will help put you in the best position possible to field a ground ball and make a strong throw to your target.

Softball Infield Drills- Quick Hands, Quick Feet

The keys to an infielder’s success begin with their hands and feet. In this video, you will learn a helpful drill to help enhance your foot speed while maintaining balance and athleticism within your body and glove.

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