The Recasting of “Major League” With Today’s MLB Players

Written By: Eric Tyler

Which MLB Stars of Today Would Play Your Favorite "Major League" Characters

What is the one movie that no matter what is going on if you see it on TV, you stop whatever you're doing and watch? Everyone has that movie. The movie that seems to become more enjoyable after every watch. By now you can recite every scene word for word. You catch something new and exciting every watch. For me, that movie is “Major League”. From Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn to Willy Mays Hays to the unforgettable one-liners from Harry Doyle. And there is just something about old, beat up Jake Taylor winning the pennant on a bunt play. (I can’t believe I just said that about a bunt)

However, in honor of the recent thirty year anniversary of one of the greatest baseball movies ever made, I’ve decided to switch up our content on the website this time. What if the cast of Major League was redone, only with today’s active players. Who would be the unfazed fireballer out of the bullpen? The veteran catcher who doesn’t quite know his time playing is up? I guess you’ll just have to read and find out.

Roger Dorn

dorn hitting

We start our recasting journey with the veteran third baseman who lately has shown a little more flash than production. Dorn was once seen as a rising star for the Indians, however, the skills have since diminished. An avid golfer still has some pop left in the bat, just doesn’t always show it. Sometimes seen as controversial and arrogant, yet the production still gets him on the field every day. So who in today’s game is playing Roger in our recasting?

Today's version: Josh Donaldson

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians

The often brash Donaldson has rubbed some people the wrong way in the past and it’s safe to say he isn’t the MVP caliber third baseman that he once was. I will say the toughness level of Donaldson seems to be much higher than the prima donna Dorn. But with Donaldson also being an avid golfer, he was the best pick here to play Roger in our movie.

Eddie Harris

Harris 1

The wily veteran who needs every ounce of help he can get to continue getting outs at the Major League level, Eddie Harris is our next role to recast. Harris once owned a fastball that he could throw past anyone in the league. However, the years have since taken that fastball away and he is left with his wise tricks to help get outs. Harris was a calming presence in the clubhouse, (outside of the time Cerrano said Jesus Christ couldn’t hit a curveball). Harris also is the lead in one of my personal favorite scenes. A scene which proves just how much help he needs.

Today's version: Rich Hill

hill 1

The 39-year-old Rich Hill is far from overpowering. However, using his devastating curveball and veteran tricks he has put together back to back dominating seasons for the Dodgers. The veteran pitcher has been a calming influence on young starters such as Walker Buehler and Julio Urias. It only made sense to have the aged, and a bit strange Rich Hill plays Eddie Harris.

Willy Mays Hayes

willy mays hays

“Runs like Hayes… hits like Sh*t”. Harry Doyle wrapped up Willy Mays Hayes’ production all in one memorable line. After winning a roster spot in a spring training which included sneaking into the facility only to be removed in the middle of the night, Hayes struggles to produce at the plate in his first season with the Indians. However, as the saying goes, “speed never slumps” and speed is one tool he had. Whatever production was lacking at the plate was more than made up for with incredible catches in the outfield and aggressive base running (scoring from 2nd on Taylor’s game-winning bunt). The same speed that won a sixty-yard dash while in pajamas, made Hayes valuable to the pennant-winning Indians.

Today's version: Billy Hamilton


Hamilton is the modern day Willy Mays Hayes. Lack of offensive production keeps Hamilton from being the premier talent once projected for the Royals Center Fielder. However, he keeps himself productive using his speed and defense. Now we just need Hamilton to order a pair of batting gloves for each stolen base.

mays hayes batting gloves

Pedro Cerrano


We now arrive at the player with by far the most power of the pennant-winning Indians. Pedro Cerrano was a terror in the box. Fans hung on with every swing, wishing for another Cerrano bomb. That was until Cerrano saw a curveball. The Voodoo worshipping Right Fielder always made the clubhouse interesting. Whether it was his attempt to sacrifice a live chicken, or the time he veering off the basepath to check on a wounded bird, in turn losing the Indians the game. Cerrano is a wild card, but there is no doubt he has 30-35 HR’s in him.

Today's version: Domingo Santana


The 6’5 220 Right Fielder plays this role perfectly. The hard-hitting Santana has bounced around from team to team unable to find a home thanks to his sky-high strikeout rate. However, the one constant has been the power production. Granted I haven’t heard any rumors regarding a live chicken sacrifice. The on-field production makes Domingo Santana our Cerrano.

Jake Taylor

jake taylor

The loveable veteran. It is safe to say the Indians don’t win the pennant without the leadership and toughness displayed by Taylor. Unable to catch every day, Taylor spends part of the season mentoring young catchers and being somewhat of a player/coach. Taylor is bound for coaching stardom once willing to give up playing. While the arm isn’t quite what it used to be, no one in baseball handles a staff quite like Taylor. From getting washed up Eddie Harris through starts to mentoring young fireballer Rick Vaughn, Taylor has his work cut out for him the entire season. Not to mention he single-handedly won the pennant with his gutsy walk-off bunt. (that’s now two mentions of bunting in a BR article...that has to be a record)

Today's version: Brian McCann


Atlanta has welcomed McCann back home with open arms to start the 2019 season. But let’s all be honest, McCann isn’t there to set the world on fire and be the all-star caliber catcher he once was. He can, however, work with the stable of young pitching prospect the Braves expect to have in the big leagues this year. His veteran presence and leadership are just what this Braves team needs. A big league manager in waiting, McCann is riding out his last days back in a Braves uniform. Now we just need that walk-off bunt.

Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn


The ex-convict fireballer is one character to remember. From the flashy haircut to the removal of the sleeves on his jersey, it is safe to say Vaughn moves to the beat of his own drum. Command is a bit of an issue for Vaughn however, velocity is not. Rick is electric out of the bullpen and isn’t scared to throw the heater to anyone. A late season addition of prescription glasses seems to help Vaughn harness his fastball and prove to be the Indians most valuable reliever.

vaughn gif

Today's version: Joe Kelly

kelly fight

Another fireballing reliever that has been aided by the addition of glasses, Joe Kelly is our choice for “Wild Thing”. Never afraid to throw the heater Kelly often gets himself in trouble with command, and doesn't seem to mind a little dust-up (ask Tyler Austin). Let's just hope he doesn’t start naming his own pitches.

Another fireballing reliever that has been aided by the addition of glasses, Joe Kelly is our choice for “Wild Thing”. Never afraid to throw the heater Kelly often gets himself in trouble with command, and doesn't seem to mind a little dust-up (ask Tyler Austin). Let's just hope he doesn’t start naming his own pitches.

Lou Brown


The aged manager has his hands tied for most of the year. From health issues to poor ownership, Brown grinds through the season. His brash style of leadership seems to click with this band of misfits. From dethroning prima donna Dorn to harnessing Vaughn, Brown seems to understand his players. This is evident after leading the once laughable Indians to win the pennant.

Today's version: Bruce Bochy


Who else would play this role? Bochy has announced he will retire at seasons end and has been without a doubt, a hall of fame manager. The personalities he has had to reign in over the years are quite diverse. From Brian Wilson to Tim Lincicum to Madison Bumgarner, Bochy has certainly had his hands full. However, he always seems to have his team in contention.

Harry Doyle


Without a doubt the funniest character of the movie, Doyle drops constant one-liners throughout the entire movie. His mentoring of Monte did not go unnoticed.

Today's version: Bob Uecker


I mean come on, who else could possibly play this part?

How Do You Think We Did?

“Major League” is a timeless comedy that I will never grow old of watching. I hope that at some point in this article I have made you think of your favorite baseball movie and jarred up some great memories. I know this isn’t the normal content you are used to seeing with Baseball Rebellion but I hope you enjoyed reading this. I know I enjoyed writing it.

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