The Insider Bat: Eliminate Roll-Overs, Improve Extension, and Increase Barrel Snap

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Stop Rolling Over and Increase Extension in the Swing

The Insider Bat is an extremely popular training aid. Tens of thousands of people have purchased this hitting tool. Unfortunately, in our opinion, the Insider Bat is about as bad a training tool as you can use. However, we have found a few ways to use it that have helped hitters understand extension, helping them stop rolling over, and how to allow their wrists to deliver the barrel.

Why Do The "Outsider Bat" Drill?

By holding The Insider Bat backwards, you create the ‘Outsider Bat’ and the best ‘snapping the barrel’ training tool we’ve found. You can hit the pad ‘square’ to make a “POW” sound as you can hear in the video above. By varying the angle and distance of the pad, the hitter must adjust and adapt by changing their extension point and when they allow the barrel to enter the zone. This is a great drill for fixing rollovers, increasing extension (if needed), or helping the hitter turn the barrel sooner (if needed).

How to Execute the Drill

  1.  Hold The Insider Bat backward
  2.  Make sure you ‘smack’ the pad with the back of the insider bat
  3.  Vary the distances to help the hitter understand delaying the barrel if they’re early
  4.  Vary the distances to help the hitter understand early barrel entry/barrel turn if they’re late
  5.  Change the angles of the pad to help hitters understand how to direct the barrel to all fields

What You Need for The "Outsider Bat" Drill

  1. An insider bat
  2. A football blocking pad

Obviously, not everyone has a football blocking pad, but a couch cushion will work just fine.

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