Understanding Tempo in the Swing with a Side Toss Drill

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Understanding Tempo in the Swing

The Flow of Timing

Everyone these days is looking for drills to just magically fix their swing. Whether it's trying to eliminate bat drag or gaining more power from better hip and shoulder separation.  The list goes on and on. But one thing that most people overlook is their tempo in the swing and timing with their load.

The side toss tempo drill will help hitters gain a better understanding of why starting their load slower and earlier will lead to more hard-hit balls.

Tempo Side Toss Drill

3 Ways this Helps with Tempo in the Swing

Body Control

This drill will help hitters have more flow and tempo by controlling their bodies.  Moving slower and earlier will challenge your hitter to pay attention to when they have to start their load.  Executing this drill correctly is important if you want to gain better control of your body.  



Hitters of all ages have always asked the question of “how do I get better with timing the pitch”.  In my opinion, timing is very focused based. Meaning if you're late pitch after pitch you're not focusing enough to get ready on time.  With this drill you will have to get in sync with the side tosser or else you will fail to achieve the rhythm and flow of what timing a pitch really means.

Swing Direction

Since we are flipping from the side hitters will be forced to maintain their swing direction.  If at any point their upper body leaks away from the ball chances are it will result in a mis-hit. Keeping proper swing direction all starts with the load and the initial start of the swing.


One Thing to Avoid

When performing this drill you have to have a side tosser who is competent at flipping the ball.  If your flipper is moving too fast then this defeats the purpose of the drill.  Your motion when you flip should be slow and fluid giving the hitter a chance to time up the flip.

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