One Drill to Prevent Hitters From Swinging Down

Written By: Eric Tyler

One of the biggest flaws in youth hitters is an inability to swing up to contact. Whether it's their size, age, or ability level, many are taught not to. In my opinion, every hitter, regardless of the qualities mentioned above, should swing on plane (various degrees of up depended on the pitch plane). This skill is undertaught at the youth age and one that we strive to improve every day at BR.

Whether through verbal cues or drills, we teach every hitter how to swing on plane with the pitch. The drill below is one of our latest drills that we use daily to get our hitters to understand the value in swinging up. Remember, swinging up on the ball = more extra-base hits.

Drill Key Swing Points:

Eliminate Contact Attacking Swing - This drill gives the hitter a target to reach that isn't the point of contact. This new target helps eliminate a pushy swing path.

Awareness of Swing Plane - The hitter develops an understanding of the correct swing plane to different pitch locations.

Minimizes Forward Head Movement- For this drill to be done correctly, the hitters head won't be able to move forward inside the turn. To get the bat on target they will be forced to maintain their head positioning.

Improve Connection in the Swing - By using the Rebel's Rack, the hitter learns how to move the bat in connection with their body rotating. If the hands lose connection to the body, the Rack will fall off.

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