Proper Swing Direction with the Angled Tee Drill

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Proper Swing Direction with the Angled Tee Drill

In this day and age, there is a huge argument about "Feel vs Real". Understanding the difference is crucial for your development as a hitter. Doing drills that you feel and that will give you actual real results is something hitters obviously need.

With the angled tee drill below, you will see how it will help hitters feel proper swing direction, deceleration of the hips and prevent over-rotation on inside pitches. All of these things are incredibly important if you want to hit line drives more consistently as well as hit for more power.

Angled Tee Drill

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3 Things This Drill Will Help

  1. Swing Direction: The Inside pitch for most hitters when hit properly will result in the hardest and farthest hit balls.  When hitting off the tee traditionally hitters may have a problem hooking that inside pitch.  Angling your body the way I'm showing you with this drill will help hitters feel the proper path through contact pon this inside pitch.
  2. Over-Rotation:  As I explained earlier we have to be able to stop the hips to maximize your swing.  When angled in hitters can't rotate as far and if they do they will hit the ball poorly.  The goal here is to feel the stop of the hips while maintaining direction through the ball resulting in more line drives.
  3. Contact Point: For many hitters, they struggle to hit the ball out front with proper swing direction.  This drill forces hitters to hit it out front simulating an inside pitch.  If your swing direction is on point, up and through the ball then you will crush this drill and gain a better understanding of how and where you need to hit the inside pitch.

Why Your Hips Need To Decelerate

Many hitters lack the understanding that the hips have to decelerate for the upper body to release through the zone properly.  Of course, we have to start our swing with our hips accelerating fast but the abrupt stopping of the hips is where you get the juice. Think about when you slam on the brakes in the car. If you're going at enough speed your body will fly forward only to be stopped by the seat belt.

Often times hitters will be over-rotating to try and create more power.  There may be times where they can over-rotate and run into that middle to inside pitch.  But this will not be repeatable in the cage and chances are they will not be able to adjust to pitches in games.

Check out this old school video breakdown of Manny Ramirez launching an inside pitch.  You will see how the hips start and then abruptly stop giving him the power to crush this Homerun.

One Thing To Look Out For

When you see the drills we post here you have to make sure you are setting the drill up and performing it correctly.  If you don't set it up correctly, you will wonder why you're not understanding or feeling what the drill has to offer.  The goal of this Angled Tee Drill is to feel the hips stop.  Don't confuse that for angling your body farther in.  The angle is no more than 45 degrees and places the ball on the tee parallel to where your front foot would land.

If you're looking for another angled drill to do as well check out Angled Medicine Ball Throws as well.

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