Transitioning from Summer Ball to Fall Ball for Baseball Players

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Transitioning from Summer Ball to Fall Ball for Baseball Players

Summer Ball is done and perhaps you're wondering if you should play fall ball.   Maybe you just had an awesome summer season and you’re ready for a bit of a break.

On the other hand, maybe you did not have the best summer and didn’t get much playing time.  Either way, you need to develop a plan so that you come back better than the year before. It all starts by being proactive by setting goals, being real with yourself on what your weaknesses are, and finding a way to train. 

This is a time for reflection and preparation for the off-season to come. This article will explain and give you insight on what you should do whether you played little league or on an elite travel ball team.

Take Time to reflect on What You Did This Summer

The mental side of the game is so much more important than what most people think.  This is something that needs to be reflected on especially after your summer season. Baseball is already hard enough, without having the right mindset it can make failure even more prevalent.  Therefore look back and truly ask yourself how you reacted in certain situations. How you reacted to these below could determine if you are ready to move on to the next level and play this fall. 

How Tough Were You Mentally?

Check Your Physicality


If you want to perform better you need to get stronger.  Now not all positions have the same needs in regards to body composition.  But one thing that will not hurt you at all is trying to improve the way your body moves, looks and feels. 

If your goal is to hit the ball harder than you need to generate more force. Force equals Mass times Acceleration, therefore if you're small and weak aka lacking mass then you need to lift and train for that.  On the other hand, maybe you have to much mass and need to lose some pounds to accelerate faster.

No matter what age you are you have to get your body in shape, so you perform like a well-oiled machine. If you get stronger, lose some weight, gain some speed this will only increase your performance making the game more fun!  The time is now for you to go out and find a way to train as all great athletes have done!

Evaluate Your Mechanics

On Plane- Area of Impact

When it comes to hitting, throwing, fielding and catching our mechanics have to be on point. Maybe your footwork is sloppy when fielding a ground ball or your swing is not the best. 

The good thing is now you have time to work on it. Maybe your mechanics are already pretty good but if you don’t explore and try new things then you’ll never know what you have been missing.  If your goal is to absolutely go dominate the other team on the field then it starts with off-season preparation! Check out below the most important mechanical articles that you need to read to improve your game for fall ball and beyond.

If you need an expert opinion come to get lessons here in Durham or register online!

Set Goals

After you have evaluated and gained an understanding of what you want to improve on it’s time to set some goals so you can crush them.  We all have lives outside of playing sports, therefore dedicating a plan on days you can train and can’t is going to be key for development. 

Go over your daily, weekly and monthly schedule. Dedicate certain days and times for certain activities. If your goal is to get in better shape then you’re going to have to dedicate 3-4 days of hard training to get better. 

The main point here is to decide what YOU want and decide how much YOU want to get better. This will dictate how much time you’re willing to spend. If you are not consistent with trying to pursue your goals then do not be mad when you don’t perform next season.  Therefore go get to work become obsessed and become relentless.

Now, Are You Ready to Play Fall Ball?

As a young athlete growing up I was always given the option to play fall baseball.  Some years I did and some years I didn’t. I don't think its that big of a deal if you don’t play, I played football all through high school and I still played in college and in the minor leagues.  I feel like kids will play in the fall just because, without really having a rhyme or reason why. Here are a few factors that I think need to be taken into consideration on whether or not YOU should play baseball this fall. 

#1 Amount Of Games Played

Training > Playing

I have heard some crazy high numbers in the number of games a youth athlete has played in one summer.  I know personally from my experience that when I played travel ball from ages 10-14 we played almost 80 to 100 games in the summer.  Between league play and tournaments that is a lot. For me and for others who find themselves playing this much, the fall should be a time to get some rest.  Take some time off to give your arm a break. Go be a kid. Maybe even play another sport to keep things fun.

#2 Did You Play Or Sit The Bench?
#3 Age

Final Thoughts

I really hope this article gives you insight into what you should do transitioning from summer to fall.  The goal is to be proactive and not reactive. Baseball requires skills in a combination of strength and speed.  If you don’t train how do you expect yourself to perform well on the field? If you have any questions, please drop a comment below!

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