Stop Swaying Back In Your Swing For More Power

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Stop Swaying Back In Your Swing For More Power

Many times when a hitter sways back they think they are loading but in reality, they are not.  Hitters who have a tendency to swing back also spin off the ball, have a steep bat path, and inconsistent weight transfer in their swing.  Along with all that their perception of the ball will also be compromised.  This simple constraint drill makes the hitter accountable when they load.

Eliminate Sway Back Drill

  • I use the term “fake loading” to describe this as well because that is exactly what happens when a hitter sways back excessively. 
  • Hitters feel their weight sway back and they get very quad dominant into their back leg. 
  • This can cause hitters to jump forward, get caught on their backside and so much more. 
  • Below is a video of one of my hitters who was doing this same move that we ended up fixing.  Since then he has been doing so much better and practicing more efficiently!


Sway Back Constraint Drill

Making hitters feel something new and holding them accountable to do the right moves is how you create an environment for change.  The drill below is easy to set up and gives hitters instant feedback. 

3 Drill Benefits

 Pay attention to how I set everything up and then practice! There are other ways that this can be accomplished without even hitting. But since we always have to hit the ball this is a drill that allows you to do both!

Swing Direction

  • Since the hitter is no longer stuck on their backside now they are in a much more athletic position. 
  • This is free’s up the hitter allowing them to have a better swing through all pitches. 
  • Better swing direction allows for better adjustability in games.

Weight Transfer – 

  • Although we want to keep weight in our back hip we still have to transfer some of that weight forward into the front leg. 
  • This allows for better deceleration in the swing instead of hitters sitting back and spinning off. 
  • As long as your hitter isn’t lunging at the ball they need to get comfortable with that forward move the right way.

Bat Path

  • Since your hitter is no longer sitting back and spinning off their bat path will now stay through the zone longer and towards the pitcher versus yanking to the pull-side. 
  • This will increase chances for more hard-hit balls and even more power in games!

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