One Tool To Stop Roll Over Groundballs

Written By: Garrett Gordon

One Tool To Stop Roll Over Groundballs

One of the biggest frustrations as a hit and parent is roll over groundballs. Recently, we found one tool to stop roll over groundballs, and we love it.

The Half bat has been around since as long as I can remember but I never understood why a hitter should use this.  Since introducing this into my lessons hitters have made great strides in regards to understanding how to move their body and bat correctly. 

From rollovers to weak pop-ups these three flat bat variations will help cure them all.

Why the Half Bat?

The Bonsail Bat Company and Trey Hannam customized some really cool flat bats for us and since then we haven't looked back.  Although they are cool looking they serve a great purpose, helping our hitters achieve the swing they need.

Three Things the Half Bat Will Help Correct

Drill Videos to Help Stop Roll Over Groundballs

Level 1- Regular Side Toss

Level 2- Angled Side Toss

Level 3- Drop Down Toss

Want to Purchase a Half Bat?

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