Stop Pulling Balls Foul TODAY with 4 Simple Drills

Written By: Chas Pippitt

Think of a hitting flaw you've heard of. Now, what do you think is one of the most common flaws? Over and over when our highest level clients come into train they struggle with one thing. Almost all of them struggle to pull the ball in the air and keep it fair. Most of them hook the ball, roll their hands over, and top-spin pulled balls. Luckily for us at BR/SR, fixing pull side power issues is pretty much our specialty. Because of this, it's simple for our high-level athletes to make the adjustments needed to give their 'hook', the hook.

Everyone knows what that hard-hit ball feels like that juuuuuust hooks foul. Nothing is more frustrating than turning a double or a home run into a strike. Often times, that ball the hitter pulled foul is the best and most hittable pitch they'll get in that at-bat. Giving those extra-base hits away is a team killer, especially with runners on base.

Another interesting issue that arises from the inability to keep inside pitches fair is how the pitchers attack hitters. Pitchers will eventually figure out which hitters pull across their bodies and hook balls foul. They can feed inside locations to get an easy strike and get ahead of these types of hitters, which opens up their off-speed arsenal. Any way you look at it, the symptoms of hooking the ball are easy to see and easy to exploit.

Now that you've learned the symptoms hooking the ball, the causes of the hook and the 4 cures we use at BR/SR to fix the hook get to work! I know that if you take the time to read this article, and then do the drills inside of it either with your team, your young player, or yourself that you will see results. The pull side balls will be straighter, have more carry, and most importantly, stay fair! Often in lessons, I say, "Hands high and let it fly!". If you perfect these drills and put it into your game swing, the fans will say "Oh my!" as you trot around the bases.

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