How to Stop Popping Up On High Pitches

Written By: Garrett Gordon

How to Stop Popping Up On High Pitches

A lot of youth hitters who see the high pitch tend to dip their barrel under causing swings and misses, and also poor contact.  If your hitter struggles to hit the high pitch this will help understand how to turn to the high pitch. All while using a high tee and this simple barrier drill will help correct poor swing path.  

Turn Pitches Up in the Zone into Line Drives Instead of Outs

The high pitch is something that I think a lot of young hitters have trouble crushing.  But once a hitter understands how to turn high and recognize the pitch up, these pitches up in the zone will be crushed.  Staying on top of the high pitch is a good cue for hitters to not over tilt. 

Staying a little taller will also accomplish the same goal.  Problems happen when you try to lift this pitch instead of just turning and meeting it.  The simple set up I have my hitters do when they have those issues are below.  Giving hitters visuals as well as a barrier to avoid during the swing will help them understand how to crush these pitches up in the zone.

Hesitated Side Toss High Pitch

Setting a tee up high and hitting off it will give hitters a good feel.  But the ball still isn't moving like in the game.  Side toss is a great way to understand where your body is going in your swing.  But creating a barrier and working on pitches up in the zone as you see here

Front Toss

After your hitter executes this drill from a hesitated position from the side, move on to front toss taking full swings.  This is where if you are a bad front tosser things will get tough. 

The hitter is looking up in the zone therefore if a ball is thrown lower he will be forced to lay off.  Due to the fact that a barrier will be there. Keep the font toss firm and on a line forcing the hitter to crush it right back up the middle! (If you want to learn how to throw proper front toss check out the video at the end!)

How to Throw Side Toss

How to Throw Front Toss

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