Stop Leaking Power In Your Swing

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Stop Leaking Power In Your Swing

When hitting, It is important that we stay connected to the ground as ultimately, that is where power comes from. When our back heel comes off the ground we lose some of that power. Below, I discuss this issue and how to stop leaking power in your swing.

What To Look For

The back knee caving in as you will see in the video breakdown below is something that I see a lot of hitters struggle with.  It is a power leaking move and will have hitters very inconsistent with their timing due to lack of back hip and glute engagement.  Hitters will also lose some swing direction as well because the upper body will have to take over which usually results in pulling off the ball.

Banded Knee Drill

The point of the band is to make sure you are keeping it tight as you stride and get to your launch position.  All really good hitters get to this position that I want you to get in!  This will help you fully engage your hips and glutes at foot strike.  The goal is to hold and maintain as much power in the lower half as possible.  If this drill is done correctly like explained in the video then you will stop leaking power in your swing and make some serious gains!

Rebel's Rack Turns

At Baseball Rebellion, we are big on movement work especially with our Rebel's Rack.  It allows hitters to get the bat out of their hand and to truly practice correct posture and movement that translates into making a good swing.  With the band attached it will reinforce the proper position the lower half needs to be in.  The goal is to be explosive with your turns without that knee caving in too early.

3 Benefits Of This Drill

Power - Gaining more power is something every hitter can benefit from. Now that the body is in the correct position, hitters can start to reach their full potential.  Being able to use the lower half correctly makes hitters hit the ball harder.  This will help them get more hits due to the fact that you don't leak power in your swing and can hit the ball farther. 

Adjustability -  Something that every hitter needs is the ability to adjust to different speeds and locations.  With the hitter now being in a more loaded and athletic position, they can make decisions a little bit later, therefore being more accurate with their bat.  

Swing Direction - The direction of the swing truly starts with the lower half.  If the lower half is leaking open the hitter has to compensate with their shoulders.  This results in a lot of pulling off the ball and spinning away from the strike zone.  Learning how to keep the lower half in the right position is key and will help hitters get the bat on the ball and hit it hard!

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