Stop Flying Open- The Pump Fake Drill

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Stop Flying Open- The Pump Fake Drill

Many hitters of all ages do not always get to the best position when their front foot lands.  Keeping the body loaded throughout the stride is crucial for hitters to truly perform their best.  With this “pump fake check drill,” you will help your hitters gain more awareness of where they actually have to be when their front foot gets down.  

The Swing that Never Was

Whether you’re big, small, strong, or weak it really doesn’t matter if you do not get the body ready. 

Something that needs to be addressed to any hitter who is looking to improve their swing is the ability to stay loaded before the front foot gets down.  I have talked about this before and to truly fix this problem you as a hitter need to educate yourself and then change! Check the video out below for further explanation. 

3 Focus Points for the Pump Fake Drill

1. Body Awareness: 

  • For athletes to actually make changes they have to see and feel the difference of what is right and wrong. 
  • Since we will pump fake the hitter and then see where they land if done correctly they will know and see and vice versa. 
  • The goal is to change for the better, the way you do that is to fail and try again. 
  • Therefore performing this drill will help hitters decipher the difference between what they are doing and what they actually have to do. 
  • Trust the process these things take time

2. Fully Loaded: 

  • With the body in a better position in regards to hip hinge and shoulder angle at landing this truly will set your hitter up for more success. 
  • Not preparing the body correctly when hitting does nothing but frustrate a hitter more. 
  • Therefore paying attention to your rib cage and shoulder angle will allow the hitter to have better direction in their swing.

3. More Power: 

  • Since the hitter will actually be prepared properly not only will theory become more consistent but will gain some power from this as well. 
  • With the hitter landing ready and loaded it allows them to let everything flow properly in their swing. 
  • After you have mastered the hinge and stride check out how you can add even more power by building the engine in your swing even further.

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2 thoughts on "Stop Flying Open- The Pump Fake Drill"

  1. Phil Buckley says:

    Hey Garrett, nice job showing the difference in those two situations above, but I have a question. Since both guys are looking at pitched balls, it could also be that the guy on the left is reacting to a low pitch and the guy on the right a high pitch. That doesn’t mean the teaching point isn’t valid, but I’d love to hear or even see yet another video like this talk about how should the guy on the right be positioned if the pitch is at the very bottom of the zone or maybe even just out of the zone below the knee. Thanks!

  2. Matt Guambattista says:

    Yes good drill. For a low pitch just try to take hands to the ball upon recognition of the level of the pitch. So the guy on the right in my opinion is in the proper position to hit any level of pitch

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