How to Stop Dropping Your Hands in the Swing

Written By: Chas Pippitt

How to Stop Dropping Your Hands and Casting the Bat

Nothing is more frustrating than popping up or getting jammed because you’ve dropped your hands or cast them away from your body.  We see this mistake all the time.  Especially in youth hitters. Almost always, the reason is that they do not understand the forces acting on them by the bat. Or how to counteract them with their bodies.

The Bat Pulls Away From You

When a hitter turns to swing the bat, the accelerated bat begins to pull down and away from the batter’s hands. Being able to stabilize and control the bat is the most important skill a hitter can have as they learn to turn. The faster the body turns, the harder the bat pulls away from the hitter. 

Stop the Drop and the Roll! End Hand Casting and Hand Dropping NOW!

  • Casting away from the body and dropping the hands in the swing is actually the SAME MISTAKE.
  • When the back elbow ‘opens up’ instead of staying bent on pitches that don’t need it, you’ve cast or dropped your hands.
  • This causes constant pop-ups and rollovers and lots of jam shots that just plain sting!
  • Check out the drill below, with 3 variations, to fix casting, hands dropping, or both at the same time.
As you can see from the drill above, barrel support is simple to train but harder to maintain. Try this drill now with a Rebel’s Rack and Bands or a Complete Rotational Power Package from Baseball Rebellion and end the casting and dropping today!

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