Stay at Home Drills- Week 6

Written By: Eric Tyler

Stay at Home Drills- Week 6

Although we are officially open again for in-person lessons, most of the country is still training from home.

We will continue posting these drills across our various social media platforms and on our website as well. If you have a drill that you're doing at home send it to and we will highlight it in one of our "Stay at Home" series!

Barrier Turns 

Elbow Strides 

  • Increases hitters awareness of scapula loading
  • Eliminates big shoulder turn in
  • Helps hitters stay on-line with the pitch

Broom Strides 

  • Forces hitters to stay in-line with their shoulders
  • Eliminates big inward turn of the shoulders
  • Eliminates sway back in the stride

Broom Separations 

  • Creates a better awareness of rotating from the middle of the body
  • Forces hitters to engage core muscles to initiate rotation
  • Trains a hitters ability to separate their upper and lower halves properly

Connection Ball Strides 

  • Keeps hitters working under their shoulders
  • Eliminates shoulder turn in load
  • Engages the hitter’s scapula to maintain connection

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