Statement from Baseball Rebellion CEO Chas Pippitt

Written By: Chas Pippitt

BR Family,

Yesterday, Durham County issued a “stay at home” order and ordered the shutting down and travel to non-essential businesses up until possibly April 30. 

With that said we must comply with the county’s orders and temporarily close Baseball Rebellion Headquarters starting at 6:00 pm on Thursday, March 26th.


We are all dealing with something right now that has an importance far beyond baseball and softball training. And we want to do our part as a company to make the right choices and help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Just like many small businesses across the country are being affected we will be too. There are a few ways you can help out Baseball Rebellion during this time:

  • Renew Membership Early (reach out to
  • Buy Training Products You Don’t Have (Bat Drag Buster, Launch Angle Tee, Rack Bat)
  • Please consider signing up for BR Premium
    • Where we put out weekly drills and articles for members only
    • Get it for $6.99/month or $69.99/year
  • Virtual Training (FaceTime Lessons $50 - 40 minutes, booked just like a normal lesson on the app)
    • This will be available to book on the lesson from 11:20 am - 7:20 pm M-F
    • We have been offering this service to out of town clients for years with a ton of success.
    • The tools needed to book a FaceTime lesson are a tee/net combo, or a Rebel’s Rack for hitting and a glove/ball and a catcher or net to throw into for baseball and softball pitching. 
    • If you are an out of town client please reach out to mark@baseballrebellion to book a lesson.
  • We are offering gift cards for in-person training for future lessons (BRHQ Members Only)
    • You must have access to our scheduling app, if you don’t have access already please click here
    • Visit the “store” section of the app and you will see the gift card section
    • If you have any trouble with this please email
  • If you have already prepaid for a lesson that will be applied to your account to be used for a future lesson.

There is a lot of uncertainty during this time as there is no playbook for this. And we will be anxiously awaiting the time we can reopen our doors and get back to a sense of normalcy we all are seeking. Please understand during this time there will be no one answering our phone. If you need assistance please reach out to me (,  Tyler ( or Mark (

In closing, I wanted to provide a video update for all of our members as a thank you for your continued support.


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