Tryout Practice Plan for Youth Softball

Written By: Tyler Zupcic

Tryout Plan for Youth Softball

With the spring season quickly approaching, you are going to need a tryout plan. Because of this, we wanted to make it easier for our readers to run an effective tryout without having to plan too much for it. This practice plan will cover:





-Arm Strength 

-Softball IQ

This tryout plan covers a two-hour window. You do not need to go over that time frame, practices or tryouts that go over that time at the youth level are merely wasting time. For planning purposes, we started this tryout at 5:00 pm. Below, each clickable tab explains exactly what you need to do and what you should be looking for. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a printable PDF version to take straight to your tryout.

Tryout/ Practice Plan

Be Organized!

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts in this short window. Because of this, the tryout plan will require you to be organized and efficient. Make sure that players know ahead of time where they are supposed to be and have someone in charge of directing the practice.

This tryout/ practice plan truly showcases each player's overall skill base, which is the exact reason you host tryouts.

Click the red icon below to download your printable practice plan today.

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