Softball Strength Program by Champion Performance

Written By: Lacey Waldrop

At Home Softball Strength Programming

While you're stuck at home over the next few weeks, you're likely looking for ways to improve your game. Although, you might be quick to pick up a ball and bat and get in a little practice, don't neglect the importance of strength and conditioning. You can follow this two-day softball strength program by Nick Esposito of Champion Performance with little to no equipment. For the few exercises that require a dumbbell or medicine ball, you can get creative with household items to provide some resistance.

Generally, strength and conditioning are vastly overlooked in our sport, specifically for younger athletes, so now is a great time to introduce them to this series of bodyweight exercises and stretches. Nick specifically designed this program with softball players in mind to increase their flexibility, mobility, and core strength.

The program comes with videos of each exercise to limit the guesswork as well as specific cues and instructions on each video. Check out the complete two-day program with videos by clicking the softball icon below.

Softball Strength Programming Example 1
Softball Strength Programming Example 3
Softball Strength Programming Example 2
Softball Strength Programming Example 4

Enjoying the 2-Day Program? Check out the link below for more from Nick:


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