Learn to Load with the Wedge Drill

Written By: Eric Tyler

Learn to Load - The Importance of the Hip Hinge

Young athletes often struggle to get into a proper hip hinge position.  At times, the hip hinge is something that is troubling to teach and hard for youth athletes to understand. At Softball Rebellion we strive to make it easier for athletes to understand proper body movements on a daily basis.

Female athletes specifically tend to be very quad-dominant, so often we see hitters load their weight into their quad before moving forward in their stride. This causes the hitter to push forward with their chest or hands leading to pop-ups or swings and misses underneath the ball. They feel the effort to load properly; however, without a proper hip hinge, they are unable to move forward and turn efficiently.

I've found success utilizing the foot wedge drill during my lessons. This drill forces a hitter to feel their weight transfer to their heel and back hip during the load and stride phase. By putting a board or another hard object under the hitters' heel, it forces them to press down on the board without putting weight in their knee or toes.

Points of Emphasis with the Wedge Drill

Understanding Weight Shift- To complete this drill properly, the hitter must shift their weight into their back hip instead of their quad. If they start to shift into their quad, they will immediately feel their weight shift into their toes.

Increased Hip Hinge- By putting the hitter's weight into their hips in the stride phase, they're able to maximize hip hinge to help rotation and posture.

More efficient forward move- Many players don't know how to properly move forward in the stride. This keeps them from getting stuck in their quad and not being able to move forward.

Easy Setup- All that is needed for this drill is a hitter and a board. This drill can be done throughout movement work or batting practice. In the video below, we complete the wedge drill with a Rebel's Rack.

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