Softball Rebellion and Softball Youth 30-Day Bingo Challenge

Written By: Lacey Waldrop

Your 30-Day Challenge: Compete and Win Big

With softball season on hold for who knows how long, I'm sure you're all searching for motivation. Maybe you've been motivated this whole time but you're running out of training ideas. We're each navigating this new environment a little differently, but we're fortunate that the game of softball can continue to bring us together, even off the field. This 30-day challenge will bring out the competitive juices that have been put on the back burner for the last month or so, while also giving you ideas for personal development in a variety of areas including nutrition, strength, and conditioning, academics.

Not only will you develop your skills and have a little fun while you're at it, but you'll also have the chance to win a Softball Rebellion and Softball Youth prize pack that includes: an LAT90, a swing analysis or pitching analysis, a swag bag from Softball Youth, and a discount to the Softball Youth All-American Games. Print out your 30 Day Challenge BINGO Board by clicking the icon below.

30-Day Challenge Rules

Take a photo on day one of the challenge with your bingo board. Tag both Softball Youth and Softball Rebellion using #SRSYChallenge on the social media platform of your choice (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). 

Complete your BINGO board. Each square has a challenge. Complete the challenge, record what's necessary and each BINGO will give you one more entry to win the Softball Rebellion and Softball Youth prize pack. 

At the end of your 30 days, submit your BINGO board with required photos, videos, and proof of posts to Lacey@softballrebellion.com. The winner will be randomly selected.

How to Complete Each Square

  • Each square will require a form of submission at the end of the challenge, June 2nd. For example, a photo at the end of a workout or a video recording. Do the challenge for each square and record it following the guidelines below.
  • For the squares that require 30 days or 7 days of action, it is all based on the honor system. You'll only need one photo or video for each of those squares.
  • At the end of the challenge, you will need to submit your BINGO board as well as a random square from each BINGO.

Square Details and Explanations

Row B Squares

B1: Find an Accountability Partner

Find an accountability partner that will keep you on your toes. This could be a teammate, a friend, or a family member. Take a picture of you and your accountability partner or a screenshot of a video call with them.

B2: Post a Video of a Softball Trick Shot

Get creative! We've all seen softball and baseball trick shot videos on social media. If you haven't, check out this trick shot compilation for ideas. They don't have to be too crazy but get inventive. Post a video of your trick shot on social media and tag us. Don't forget to use #SRSYChallenge.

B3: Drink 100oz of Water for 30 Days

Hydration is a huge key to enhanced performance, and chances are, you've been drinking less water than usual while at home. Snap a picture of the water bottle or jug that you're using to help you hit your goal.

B4: Write a Thank you Letter to an Influential Person in your Life

This season of rest can be a great time to reflect on individuals who've made an impact on your life for the better. Take the time to write a hand-written note and send it to someone who has been impactful to you. Take a picture of your thank you letter (you can blur if needed) and post it on social media to give your influential person a shoutout.

B5: Get 7-8 Hours of Sleep for 30 Days

It's no secret we don't always get the amount of sleep needed to recover throughout the week. Take advantage of the extra time on your hands and create better sleeping habits. This one is based on the honor system, so no pictures needed.

Row I Squares

I1: Cook a Nutritious Meal with your Family

Nutrition is another key aspect of performance. If you've never thought about what goes into the meals you eat on a daily basis, now is a great time to learn how to make your favorite dish or try something new. Write down your recipe and share it with a picture of the finished product. Tag us and use #SRSYChallenge

I2: Complete Two Days of Mobility per Week

You play softball all the time, and you train, but do you take the time to stretch and recover those sore muscles? Now is a great time to learn some recovery techniques to keep your body feeling good after a long day at the field. There are tons of mobility resources on youtube and other sites. Below are two that I recommend. Share a video of you completing your favorite recovery exercise.

Foot Doctor Esia Softball Recovery

Yin Yoga - Restoration and Recovery

I3: Facetime 5 of your Teammates to Check-in

Connection with others plays a huge role in getting through these times of isolation. Screenshot one of your video sessions and encourage your teammates to reach out to others as well.

I4: Create a 1 Minute Recruiting Video

Often, Recruiting videos are clouded with music and graphics that bog down and lengthen the video. Get to the point. Try to make this video as succinct as possible while showcasing your skills. It could even be you introducing yourself and why you want to play college softball. Post your video and tag 5 college coaches.

I5: Write Down your Strengths and Weaknesses as a Player

Reflection and self-assessment are the first steps to creating a plan for your development. Identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you can build a plan for your future. Take a picture of your list and save it so that you can re-assess later on.

Bonus: Write down a plan of attack for how you'll strengthen your weaknesses

Row N Squares

N1: 150 Minutes of Planks over 30 Days

This is only 5 minutes per day, so it's not as crazy as it seems. It doesn't have to be 5 minutes in a row either. You could complete 30 seconds at a time throughout the day. The goal here is to complete QUALITY planks with strong positioning. Don't overload the time if your form wavers, but do try to increase your plank time each day or each week. Take a picture of the length of your first plank time on day one and your last plank time on day 30.

N2: Participate in one Softball Youth Zoom Session

Softball Youth has been conducting Team Huddles over the last three weeks where special guests speak about their playing or coaching experiences. You must register for this experience, so check out Softball Youth's social media pages for updates on speakers for each week. Team huddles are hosted each Wednesday at 7:00. Once you're on the call, take a picture or short video of the session.

N3: Complete Three Strength and Conditioning Workouts per Week

Your development can skyrocket if you introduce a strength and conditioning program! If you're already on a program, great! Keep completing it. If you're in need of a softball specific program, check out this free two-day program. For your third day, get outside and create a conditioning workout of your own. Sprint, jump rope, ride your bike, it doesn't matter, get outside and go! Take a video of yourself completing your favorite exercise.

N4: Read 30 Minutes for 30 Days 

You probably have plenty of school work, so reading for school does count; however, I encourage you to pick up a new book (fiction or non-fiction). Some of my favorite performance and sports specific books are: Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell, How Champions Think by Dr. Bob Rotella, and Grit by Angela Duckworth. If you love fiction (I DO!) feel free to immerse yourself in a new tale. Once you've chosen your book, post about it on social media tag us!

N5: Tweet at your Favorite Softball Superstar

This one is easy, you just need the courage to do it! Get outside of your comfort zone and give your favorite player a shout out, I'm sure they'll appreciate it! Take a picture of your tweet and (hopefully) their response.

Row G Squares

G1: Follow the Same Morning Routine for 7 Days

It's easy to stay in bed for longer than usual or take some additional time in the morning before you start school for the day, and that's okay! However, creating a consistent morning routine can increase your productivity. Plan out a morning routine that helps you stay on track and reach your goals and follow it consistently for seven days. Write down your routine and take a picture to share with us.

G2: Make a Healthy Dessert for your Family

I LOVE dessert, and brownies every now and again never hurt anybody, but healthy desserts can be enjoyed more often. Take the time to look up a recipe that still has some nutritious value and isn't completely packed with processed sugar. Share the recipe and a picture of the finished product.

G3: Create your Own 45-Minute Practice Plan

Usually, coaches do this for you, but I'm a firm believer in taking your development into your own hands. Use the strengths and weaknesses you wrote down to develop a practice plan specific to your needs. Write it down along with a specific purpose or intention for each drill or section.

G4: Take Groundballs 3 Times in One Week

It's easy to forget about defense if you don't have access to a field. Tennis ball wall drills count for this section, so get in your defensive work however you can. Share a montage video of how you're being inventive and invested in developing defensively.

G5: Self Video Analysis Once per Week

How do you know if you're getting better at the things you're working on without games? VIDEO! Check out this pro video breakdown for ideas on how to analyze your swing. You can analyze your swing, pitching mechanics, or overhand throwing mechanics. Share a video on your social media of your video breakdown and talk about what you want to improve on. Check out more development ideas in our other articles.

Row O Squares

O1: Research and Rank your Top 10 Dream Schools

Even if you're not in high school yet, it can be fun to learn more about different Universities and start to develop an interest in that school or program. This goes deeper than softball, so your research should be based on academic programs, student population, and tuition. Find out the following information on your top ten schools, write it down, and take a picture: undergraduate student population, in-state and out of state tuition, 3 majors that interest you, an interesting fact about the university, and average class size.

O2: Hit 5 Times in One Week

For this, you could also pitch 5 times in one week if you'd prefer. Choose your favorite skill and complete it 5 times that week. There is no time minimum or maximum. Make a plan, and put your work in.  Small amounts of consistent practice will make a bigger difference than one long practice per week. Write down the days you practiced and what things you were focusing on each day.

O3: Complete a Hitting or Pitching Challenge

Each week of the 30-day challenge, we will post a video of a hitting or pitching challenge you can attempt at home, so keep watch on our social media pages. Once you see a challenge, you have until the end of the week to complete it, take a video, and tag us in your post. This doesn't have to be done every week, but at least one weekly challenge must be completed.

O4: Write Down 5 Things You're Grateful For

Times are tough for many right now, but we want to try to brighten your spirits. Write down the 5 things you're most grateful for and snap a picture to share on social media.

O5: Juggle for 15 seconds

This is just for fun, but it can really challenge your hand-eye coordination. If you've never juggled before, you CAN teach yourself! Pick up some softballs, rocks, socks, whatever you have, and make your attempt at juggling. Video yourself juggling for 15 seconds, post about it, and tag us.

Final Submission

Hold on to all of your pictures and videos until the end of your 30-day challenge. Yes, this means you'll need to stay organized! As we get closer to the end of the challenge, we will post specific instructions on how to send in proof for your bingo card. Until then, have fun, and get competitive!

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