Should You Get Your Foot Down Early?

Written By: Garrett Gordon

Should Hitters Get Their Foot Down Early?

Every Great Hitter Moves Forward in Their Stride. 

Whether they stride short or long they have transferred weight forward.  Being able to control that move allows hitters to have a fluid and directionally sound swing. 

Sitting on the back leg will cause most hitters to spin-off and over-rotate.  The head position also may be affected because the hitter will shift forward due to the fact they have gotten their foot down and now are waiting for the ball.

Check out a few of these MLB'ers and how they move forward in their stride.

Forward Move

Long Stride Drill in Action

The goal of this drill is to control the stride forward to feel the body transfer weight to the center of the hitter's body.  Make sure if you are doing this drill off of front toss you start your stride and load early. 

You might feel uncomfortable at first but every hitter that I have done this drill with hits better and has a better understanding of how to move to create a quality swing.

15 Minute Improvement

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