Coil to Separation with the Stride- JK’s Winter Series

Written By: JK Whited

Stride to Separation- Baseball Rebellion's Indoor Training Winter Series

This week's installment of my Winter Series is brought to you by a good question that I received on my last post. Last week I did a video about isolating the coil and then feeling the separation created out from the coil.  Here is the question that I got from Mike about that video about the stride and separation.

article question


This was a good question and a good opportunity to show you how it works with a stride and separation. I choose to film this from the behind the plate view so that you can see the coil followed by the separation that occurs when the hitter "goes".  I think it's important to understand that max separation should only occur if the hitter decides to swing.

The coil and the stride however, should always occur. I will say that there might be some separation on a taken pitch because the hitter should always assume they will swing but max separation will only happen for a full commitment to the pitch.

I hope this answers the questions that came up and I would love to answer any other questions that you guys might have.

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